LLM (Lower League Management) is about playing the game as realistically as the game allows, out of the box, without the use of add-ons, “tips”, advice, or ‘cheating’ of any sort (i.e. anything which is ‘unrealistic’).

That’s pretty much it. Simple, right?

But yet…

“What about all those guidelines?” I hear you ask. The guidelines exist for one simple purpose – to guide those who aren’t quite sure about what is and isn’t realistic, if they need it. If you’re pretty familiar with the real game, or you’ve been playing this way for a while, you probably won’t need to refer to them at all.

Of course, starting off at the lowest level, trying to manage realistically and without taking any short-cuts to success probably does make the game a tad more difficult than if you play the game without such considerations, of course, but the point of LLM isn’t about making the game any ‘harder’, per se, but simply to play it more realistically and to do it all yourself.

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