Playing Football Manager realistically.

You’ve just stumbled upon Lowerleaguemanager.com, a Football Manager fansite dedicated to playing the game the LLM way.

Ultimately what this means is that the site is essentially a “spoiler-free” zone, where players can swap their stories, share useful resources and generally relax amongst like-minded gamers without the fear of having their game spoiled by in-depth talk of the game engine, the best tactics to use, which players are the best and so on. Many, if not all other fansites cater to the fan who wants help with the game. None really cater for those who wish to avoid that kind of ‘help’ at all costs for their own enjoyment – and that’s where we come in…

So if you’re looking for world beating tactics, insightful dissection of every nuance of the match-engine or a breakdown of all the best players available to buy – you won’t find any of that here.

However, if you’re the type of player who likes to start at the bottom, play as realistically as the game allows and do it without advice, tips or ‘cheats’ of any kind, succeed or fail – or find the trials, tribulations and, more rarely, triumphs of those that do interesting and/or amusing, regardless of whether you play this way yourself – then we hope you enjoy our little website and invite you to join our community on the forums.

Lowerleaguemanager.com – A Potted History

Lowerleaguemanager.com evolved from the LLaMa forum at FM-Britain.co.uk, based on a style of play pioneered by users of the SI Games LLM forum.

The original FMB LLaMa forum (LLM-Britain.co.uk) was officially opened on 21st September 2006 and continued there for just over four years before we decided to make the jump to an independent site in late 2010/early 2011.

This site was made by and for people who prefer the LLM style of play, although not exclusively; we’re a friendly port of call for LLaMas, potential LLM newbies, the interested, curious, and all other fellow Football Manager aficionados.

Lowerleaguemanager.com provides resources for the LLM player which will also be useful for non-LLM FM players too, as well as a friendly forum where like minded players can chat about their games.

The Rules

While the LLM forum has its own specific set of rules (briefly summarised as “No Spoilers Please”), the site itself basically operates under one easy to remember catch-all rule:

Don’t be a dick!

This website is a place where lovers of Football Manager can relax and chat with their virtual friends, so anyone will be welcomed, regardless of how they play the game themselves, LLM or otherwise.

Idiots, however, will not be tolerated – regardless of how they play.

So please, enjoy the forum, make use of the resources you’ll find here, but remember: Don’t be a dick.