Tinkerman, Taylor (Graham), Soldier, Pie

What is your Football Manager personality? The game will assign personality descriptions such as ‘media friendly’ or ‘popular’ but how well do they fit with your own self image? I’m a traditionalist. I like to keep my best 11 on the pitch as much as possible. I drop players for poor form or injury, but bye and large we stay the same week in week out.

Are you the Tinkerman? An approach favoured by the continental types involving micro managing and altering formations and personnel based on the game ahead. Perhaps you even scout the next opposition?!

The debate about the next England mis-manager has been ended recently. So would you consider yourself the man manager? Always talking to your players, flea in the ear or arm round the shoulder?

Perhaps your main weapon in the assault on the lower leagues is your ability to manipulate the local hack?So, you are the media manipulator? Keeping the headlines in your favour, making friends and not alienating people.

The tosser. Are you a trouble causing, wind up merchant kind of guy? Do you create the siege mentality, no-one likes us, we don’t care?

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