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In 2003 a Middlesbrough fan was arrested at a game. His crime? Falling asleep at the match. Yes, arrested.

Standing, swearing, not sitting with your own kind, having a top on your bottle. Petty regulations abound in football. Drinking in sight of the pitch is also totally wrong, yet drinking in the freezing cold, damp, stinking concourse surrounded by adverts for male impotence, beer and pies (link, what link?); that’s ok. Go to a Rugby union game in this country and you are welcome to sup your four pound pint of piss-weak-gas-filled crap AND watch the game you have paid to see. Thank you master.

What’s the difference? Anyone who has been to Cardiff Arms Park (or the Millennium Stadium if you like it that way ) may have seen the shutters behind the lowest tier of seating. These are closed for football. Remember, no looking and drinking you hooligan scum, you are incapable of these things, Sepp says so. Especially you Arthur and Ethel up there in your main stand seat. I see you, hiding your racist banner under your lap blanket. Probably got a non affiliate sponsor branded tot in your flask haven’t you? Eh? EH! Arrest them I say. Or, we could just price them out of the game, eh Sepp?! Mr Warner, what are you doing down there, why’s Sepp making that strange face? Oh, :vomit:

Ahem.. where were we? Ah yes. For Rugby union games they are open (the shutters, not Jack’s lips) so that one may enjoy one’s beer and remain able to see the 50 quid event. Jolly civilized buggers those rugby lads. No chance of it leading to violence;  just ask Chris Ashton!

Over on the forum recently there has been some nostalgia for the earlier versions of our wonderful game (FM, not RLtm).
There are those amongst our membership who have taken a trip down memory lane to play some former versions. Sweet memories have been exchanged and the merits have been debated. Some loved the oldies, the Domark era. Others extolled the virtues of the CM2 game with it’s legendary world beaters and raft of new features. For me it has to be 01/02 with my all conquering sides, and a certain NIron worldie. For others nostalgia hasn’t quite been so kind;

SoulFusion: “Its like the memories of that first car or girlfriend. The mind likes to remind you that at the time it was magical however would I really want to do the miles I do know travelling in an old battered Triumph Toledo. I think not but what memories!”
Get yourself over to the forum and let hear what you have to say on the greatest FM of them all.

To finish here is an actual announcement heard over the tannoy at a game in 2001.

Would Mr A Jones of Barnsley please contact the nearest steward, you have locked your mother out of the house.” Funny enough, except that this was a game where Barnsley were facing Norwich. Away. 190 miles away.

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