Pricetag (It’s not about the money, money, money)

lower league bendtner

Can anyone spot the difference between these pictures? One of them is a crap footballer. The other is a rich crap footballer.

I recently signed a promising young goalkeeper in the Norn Iron 3rd division. The lad had a few good attributes and a glowing scout report, and was willing to sign on a part-time basis for £7 a week. This got me thinking about why I love LLM so much. Gone for me are the days of clicking through the thousands of pounds per week, blowing tens of thousands on signing on fees and agreeing to huge increases year on year. In fact, it has been many saves and many months since I had any money for anything.

The thing is, these lads (real and computerised) know they are rubbish. That’s part of why we love them down in the depths of the game. I like to think of my young keeper heading into the local meat market after the game thinking positively that at least his wages have bought his first couple of drinks (no, he doesn’t have a clean sheet bonus. Nor would he ever acquire it if he did!). Or indeed his idol, the 30 something striker who has just beaten his best tally for a season in 5 years (he now has 3) waltzing in and throwing his £50 a week (no goal bonus, of course) around in a show of bravado; Desperado AND Scampi fries. Big time Charlie.

The other guy in the pictures earns millions, and thinks he is worth it. He isn’t. Nor are any of them. They deserve it because they generate the money, but that doesn’t mean they are worth it. But do they think to themselves that the first 2 pints of Carlsberg are paid for, with possibly enough for a bag of Cheese and Onion? No, they think they should get more, for less, regardless. Many a LlaMa save has been felled by moving to a club that actually has money. The magic goes, you can get the players you want, rather than sticking with those that nobody else wants. Somehow it just isn’t as much fun when you can buy players and pay them a working wage.

Well I for one remain in love with the dank, dark places of the FM world. Good job, because like the men at the head of this post, I’m crap at this football business! That’s why i am paid the princely sum of £75 a week in game. No pub for me, a glass of Merlot in the office with the opposing manager? I suppose so, if the SPAR is doing 2 for £10.  Is this a decent amount for a LlaMa? Let me know on the forum what your current wage is, lets see who is the least valued manager out there.

See you in the pub (Ready Salted for me though)