The Greatest Love of All….

In light of the BBC’s grestest series, I felt a twang of desire to look at some of the greatest celebrations I can remember. But this is really just a precursor to the additions generated by you all. So, LET’S BE HAVING YOU!

(In no particular order, and avoiding the bloody obvious)

1) Drunken Delia. Every time I see the clip, I am amazed. You are a very, very rich football club funding individual whose wholesome reputation sells millions of books each year. Then you get a bit lashed on the grog and leg it onto the pitch. THEN (as if the former weren’t enough)  you make a total prick of yourself with a microphone whilst NOBODY responds to you! If that was you or I we would hang our heads in shame and realise that karaoke is not the place where all the greats started. (#manchesterchineskaraokebar)

2) Shearer. How many goals? And that was the best you had?

3) LuaLua; learnt that in Communist Russia he did (n’t).

4) Grandma (AKA Nanni AKA Goat) Please fall, please fall, please fall.. (you OneGloveLovingT*t).

5) Jan Aage Fjortoft and his plane. Is saw some Smoggie do this the other day and it took me back to 1992 and the first time I’d seen this.

6) Vlad (The Impersonator) Smicer. 2005. CRUCIAL goal in a never to be forgotten legendary game. Trust me, he was as surprised as ANYONE. LASH!

7) The heart. Move along.

8 ) Drunken Ferguson and that tattoo. Seriously? I didn’t see Graeme Sharp or Dixie Dean needing one of them. Thug.

9)Thierry Henry and the arrogant stage. You might be expecting the bias to show through. Nah; he really was that good.

10) Bebeto. Because he was the first to do it.

11) Tears.

12) The Pray. Without any religious consideration, the fact that people care that much for their religion is enough to earn my intrigue. Especially infront of 50,000 people!

13) The ‘I didn’t realise the Flag was Up’ belongs with this number. Much mirth from the oppositions fans will ensue.

14) The ‘I hadn’t Expected to Ever Score, What the Hell do I do Now?’ award. coming to a Jay Spearing near you between now and 2020.

15) Africans. If football fails, go for strictly! They love a good dance routine!


And finally….) Graham ‘No Middle Name to Make This Prophetic’ Alexander. Played 1023 games in his career. Last ever game, he came on at Deepdale and lashed in a ninetieth minute equaliser. Ran to the acclaim of the crowd and……. WAS BOOKED. Have a word ref.

So, which is your favourite? Masks, fingers, faux violence? LET’S BE HAVING YOU!

#Infinity- Galling as it is to admit, Lord of the Gits…. I mean G Neville has turned out to be a superb pundit. The reaction to Fernando Torres’ goal at the Nou Camp? Decade defining. Twunt 🙂