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The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 08-05-2014

I think the fat lady has started her first verse!

No more surprises from this Premier League season!


The Official Premiership Thread - Walks - 08-05-2014

Anyone else think it would be funny if Liverpool lose on Sunday while Chelsea win and take 2nd place? Or is that just me?

The Official Premiership Thread - darthpaul - 08-05-2014

Yeah I had that thought myself and yes it would be hilarious Mrgreen

The Official Premiership Thread - keefa - 08-05-2014

I would love for Citeh to draw with West Ham on Sunday, with Liverpool winning and rueing the balls up they made against Chelsea and Palace.

Then for an atom bomb to hit Anfield smack bang on the centre spot.

The Official Premiership Thread - JD95 - 08-05-2014

Premier League B teams look set to come into being now. There's going to be a League 3 above the Conference. Utterly ridiculous.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - f1dave - 08-05-2014

What a fucking joke!

The Official Premiership Thread - JD95 - 08-05-2014

Oh and to make matters worse only PL teams will be able to field non-EU players. A fucking disgrace. It's killing the game.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - ken66 - 08-05-2014

This made me giggle, along with the fact that you prefer your team to lose just to make sure Liverpoo don't take the title Mrgreen

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - juvehero - 08-05-2014

An atom bomb? Where are we, the 1950's?

Typical Villa fans, living in the past Rolleyes

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - ken66 - 08-05-2014

I think he was alluding to the fact that the atom bomb was all the rage the last time Liverpoo won the league Mrgreen

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-05-2014

I'm not 100% against this B team idea.

I can see they're at least trying to help encourage a stronger pool of English talent. Is this the right way to do it.....of that I'm not sure. One thing's for sure though, something needs to change.

Only 2 non-EU players for Prem teams is a good idea, compared to the unlimited nature currently.

"Home grown" should mean "eligible to play for England if picked" though. So, the likes of Fabregas, who was "home grown" but also a Spain international while he was at Arsenal, should not count. I've no idea if that is the case though. Simply coming through the youth system should not be enough or the whole thing is pointless.

Only 10 Prem League B teams to go into L3 though.....I assume the others go in the Conference? What about the B teams for Championship clubs? Where do they go?

It could be interesting, but also it could be a total bunch of bollocks. I'm keeping an open mind at the moment.

The Official Premiership Thread - JD95 - 08-05-2014

But looking at it from Football League clubs' points of view, it isn't going to be of much benefit to them really I wouldn't have thought. Not that that matters to the people with the power...

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-05-2014

Not much benefit, true.

But are the disadvantages big enough to warrant it being blocked? After all, strictly speaking all English clubs should be in favour of helping to increase the talent available to the national team.

Like I said, something needs to chamge. I'm not 100% convinced B teams are the answer, but it's worth consideration when the other major nations are all doing it. They can't all be wrong.

Spain has 2.5 times the number of eligible players playing regular competitive football that England does. Doesn't take a genius to work out that isn't doing our national team any favours.

The Official Premiership Thread - JD95 - 08-05-2014

But with a League 3 you're effectively sticking two fingers up to the non league pyramid by shunting them down a level to accommodate these teams. They struggle to survive further down the leagues as it is.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-05-2014

Except L3 would be part of the Football League, so on the flipside, 10 Conference teams would move into the professional leagues.

Plus, there's also the question of whether teams playing these B teams would see larger gates? No idea if that would happen, but I'd wager a Man Utd, Arsenal or Liverpool B team would sell out away sections across the board and generate decent interest among home fans, especially if young starlets like, to pick the teenager of the moment, James Wilson were likely to play.

The Official Premiership Thread - JD95 - 08-05-2014

B teams abroad get shite crowds, even clubs like the Ajax b side. I can't see it having a major impact, certainly not a positive one. But we'll see.

I've only actually seen fans of PL clubs think this is a good idea so far, as it happens.

The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 08-05-2014

Please explain to me how having ten whole teams of England qualified players up to the age of 21 playing at a League 2/Conference level of quality is actually going to help the England team? They will not be considered for the National team because they are not playing at a high enough standard! If they are good enough they will be playing for their 'parent' teams first XI.

Instead of pointing out that the Top Club's process of hoovering up the best talent only to rot in Academy squads is not helping the situation at all.

What is needed is more money at grass roots level. Better qualified coaches and better facilities with assistance to Community clubs that are set up for taking kids from Under 8's all the way through to Senior level (including girls and Ladies teams).

If you create a broad enough base at the bottom of the pyramid attracting greater participation more of that talent shall gravitate to the top.

Once again the FA fails to recognise the perfectly obvious solution.

The Official Premiership Thread - JD95 - 08-05-2014

But that would require less money to be concentrated at the very top. Can't be having that can we. What the Premier League says goes these days.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-05-2014

I agree more money needs to be pumped into grass roots football. That goes without saying. It's clear to everyone not enough money trickles down the pyramid.

As for B teams not creating much benefit, maybe it would be minimal, but who knows. Granted, players playing in the B teams would not be considered for England until they move to a higher level, but take James Wilson as an example again.

What has he been doing this season? Floating between the U21s and the reserves? If he'd have been playing in a B team at L2 level, he'd have been exposed to a much higher standard of football and the trials and tribulations of proper competition. Surely he would have benefited from that? His learning curve would surely have advanced more quickly.

The Official Premiership Thread - SackedLlaMa - 08-05-2014

Here in Norway all the B teams play in the football league system, meaning a Premiership side's B team can compete as high as the 2nd division (there must always be at least two divisions separating the A and the B team). This is a huge advantage for Premiership sides and I would argue that it really helps developing young talents as well. When you can put talented 15-16 year olds in a league of a reasonable standard, that's going to help their development. As en example you can look at SK Brann who last year played a 15-year old striker in the 2nd division in stead of a junior league or reserves league which I believe helped his development tremendously. At the end of last year he became the youngest goalscorer in Tippeligaen (the Norwegian Premiership) ever when he scored at age 16. This year he is part of the A team, and so are several other youngsters who's gone down the same road. Playing against 2nd division sides who play for survival or promotion in stead of youth/reserves teams of questionable standards, of course that's a lot tougher and you can develop a lot faster. So, in that way I think having your B teams in the football league system can benefit the amount of young talents coming through the systems.

The negative side of this system though is that you have all these B teams competing for positions with other clubs A teams. The Premiership sides are interested in having their B teams in the 2nd division because the 3rd division is a huge step down in quality (I'm not sure any players in the 3rd division are paid to play to be honest), so to match both their reserves, players coming back from injuries and their young talents, they want to keep their B team as high up the league system as possible. And they can if they want to. If they are threatened with relegation, they can give some of their Premiership starters 'a rest', sending them down to their B teams to make sure the B team stays up. This is a hugely unfair advantage and maybe it doesn't sound as a big deal. But you have to remember that it affects all the other clubs in the 2nd division who might be struggling financially and are working their asses of to stay in division just to keep their clubs still in existence. As I mentioned, the 3rd division is horrible, and although the 2nd division isn't of a tremendous standard, at least it attracts more people, more money and a semi-professional level.

That said, I should also say that I know there's a huge difference between the English league and the Norwegian in terms quality, number of teams and fans, and money, so maybe the two leagues can't be directly compared to one another. But I still think having B teams playing games that doesn't really matter much, competing in a league of teams fighting for survival or promotion, is far from ideal. It can also prove to be quite unfair; in Norway at least it's rather common that if you don't play in the Premiership game that Sunday, you play in the B teams game the following monday. This means of course that the B team changes, sometimes dramatically, from week to week. You can face a great B team sprinkled with Premiership players coming back from injury or getting back to match fitness, and your fiercest promotion/relegation rivals can face a bunch of 15-years olds the next week.

Now, that example is of course the case of two extremes and I'm not sure what sort of rules the FA will put in place to give the clubs in a Football League 3 a more predictable opponent from week to week, but when it comes to playing against B teams you can be lucky or unlucky and it can absolutely affect a promotion or relegation battle between clubs, and that's when this whole idea seems bad and very unfair.

I'm biased, of course, because my favorite football team is SK Brann and I love the fact that our unused subs and young talents can be properly matched in the 2nd division. But I'm not sure fans of 2nd division sides feel the same way...