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The Official Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-12-2010

Thought it would make sense to kick one of these off. I don't think there was one over on FM-B, but for now while there's only a few of us, it might make sense to have a general place to chat about the top flight.

I guess we'll end up with a few team threads (Villa, Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool I guess are probably likely given the various teams our current members support), but for those teams that don't end up being covered, here's a place to chat about them.

SO - main reason for starting this. Newcastle - what the fuck are they doing? Hughton out and now probably Pardew in?

This makes no sense to me in the slightest. Sometimes I wonder if Ashley does it on purpose just to piss off their fans!

RE: Premiership Thread - Rodderas - 08-12-2010

It does seem a really strange decision that's for sure. One thing I would say is that I don't think Pardew is a terrible manager, just a sideways step from Hughton. Very odd

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RE: Premiership Thread - Mr603 - 08-12-2010

Local Geordie newspaper's just polled 1,000 Barcodes with their preferred choice of the candidates. 14 wanted Pardew.

That, maths fans, is 1.4%.

RE: Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-12-2010

Yeah, Pards isn't an awful manager. He did get us to the Cup Final after all. Only time in 30 years - that's not too shabby.

Still, we then completely fell apart the following season, he failed to shine at Charlton and was last seen at Southampton in L1.

Hughton wasn't doing so bad - he won the Championship and sat 11th in the Prem. Yeah, they'd had a few dodgy results, but it should take more than a run of 5 or 6 bad results for a manager to be sacked from a newly promoted club. Appointing Pards would be a sideways step at best.

If there were to get O'Neil, then I'd say that although it was a harsh sacking, it made sense to get MON in if they had the chance, but Pardew? It's so strange.

RE: Premiership Thread - keefa - 08-12-2010

Premiership is rugby daf! Smile

I don't think Villa will get relegated this season, but I must admit I'm finding it incredibly difficult to avoid the panic button.

RE: Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 08-12-2010

Fine, change the name of the thread to Premier League then. Tongue Mrgreen

* deanashtonsfoot mumbles something about same difference, blah blah blah, whatever. Wink

RE: Premiership Thread - JP - 08-12-2010

They interviewed some no-mark club chairman on the radio this morning and he said "...under the circumstances I'd have done the same."

The circumstances as I see it are:
  • He took the job when pretty much every reputable manager ran away at the mention of being approached;
  • Lost half his 'star' players due to the drop to the Championship;
  • Steadied the ship and eventually gained promotion with ease;
  • Worked hard over the summer to ensure the players hit the ground running in the Premier League (taking notes, DAF Wink );
  • Hammered his local rivals 5-1;
  • Maintained his dignity despite continual media speculation that he was a dead man walking;
  • Grabbed very creditable results against Chelsea (twice), Arsenal, Everton and Villa; and,
  • Seemingly conducted his work with dignity and a steady sense of progress.

Or am I missing something? Shrug

Pardew's a shit appointment imo. He won't do as well as Hughton was doing and the fans will hound him out.

RE: Premiership Thread - Ben O'Bagels - 09-12-2010

I must say that after the way he left Reading, it will be rather amusing seeing Pardjudas crash and burn. Mrgreen

RE: Premiership Thread - keefa - 09-12-2010

Fixed Thup

RE: Premiership Thread - tomtwice - 09-12-2010

It's official. Pards is in, with a contract to 2016. A bit stupid IMO, considering he's likely to be sacked come May

RE: Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 13-12-2010

Didn't see this one coming! Another harsh sacking I think - they're only 13th ffs!!

Makes you wonder why you'd bother being a football manager these days, when no matter what you do, unless you're massively successful like Fergie or Wenger, the clubs just show you absolutely no respect or loyalty whatsoever. It's completely ludicrous.

EDIT: Although having said that I forgot they've just been taken over. Mrgreen That does at least make it slightly more understandable as the new owners probably want to bring in their own man.

RE: Premiership Thread - JP - 13-12-2010

Not as shameful as Hughton's dismissal but still taking the piss imo.

Only 26 out of 92 managers have held their post for more than one season; And of those, only 16 have managed 3 seasons in the same post.

RE: Premiership Thread - tomtwice - 13-12-2010

Well at least now Sam is free to step into the Inter role once Rafa gets sacked Wink

RE: Premiership Thread - Rodderas - 13-12-2010

That really is quite a shocking table, I'm really surprised. It seems that your pretty much not safe whatever league you are in.

RE: Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 13-12-2010

Indeed. In fact the Prem has the highest average tenure.

Although if you get rid of Fergie and Wenger it would probably be the lowest. Mrgreen

RE: Premiership Thread - bazhsw - 13-12-2010

We could sack Fergie Jr. and get Sam back ha ha. (His first job was as caretaker at Preston, he masterminded a 3-2 win away at Blackpool I still go on about, did better than the blokes before and after him then went to Blackpool, got them higher than they'd been in ages before getting sacked - he's had arough deal at Lancashire clubs in my opinion)

RE: Premiership Thread - keefa - 18-12-2010

Apparently the Villa game at Wigan is off today due to "freak weather conditions in the town", according to the Wigan website.

RE: Premiership Thread - keefa - 18-12-2010

Liverpool v Fulham has now been postponed, and so too has the Chelsea v Man Utd game tomorrow! :o

EDIT: No shocked smiley? Confusedhocked:

RE: Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 18-12-2010

Well the predictions cup has been fucked from all angles this week hasn't it. Mrgreen

RE: Premiership Thread - keefa - 18-12-2010

Blackburn 1-1 West Ham
Sunderland 1-0 Bolton

What was the point in keeping those two matches on? Mrgreen