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RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 26-01-2011

So he was right to be sent off then Wink

Nobody mentioned the match at Bloomfield Road. Blackpool denied a stonewall penalty that may have put them 3 up unfortunately Manure come back to win 3-2. To quote the (Motown) Spinners classic 'Its a Shame'

Smiled at Fergie's quote that Adam was worth £10m for his corners alone.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Mr603 - 26-01-2011

Am I the only person who thought Adebayor's celebration against Arsenal was brilliant? Much like G. Neville's at Anfield?

Jesus, when did fans get so wet? If you spend all game giving a player shit and he rubs it in your face when it all backfires, then consider yourself told.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - JP - 26-01-2011

It's not a crowd control issue, it's unsporting behaviour [/referee]

Shit rule that should over-turned or amended. But, and this is the crucial thing for me, it's not open to interpretation in the same way a trip, handball or offside is. Therefore players KNOW for a fact that it will get them a booking and by doing it they almost deserve the booking for being so bloody stupid.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 27-01-2011

Trouble was he put more effort onto that single goal celebration than he did in his final four months at the Emirates... and not much since seeing that he has been palmed off to Madrid. Good riddance to arrogant rubbish that showed no respect to the club that developed him as a footballer.


RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Ben O'Bagels - 27-01-2011

Yeah, the way he left Monaco was a disgrace. Wink

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 27-01-2011

As reported by the Beeb in 2006 when he joined the Gunners:-
'The player (Adebayor) had fallen out of favour at Monaco after missing training several times and he had been warned he would never play for the French club again.'
Hmm a bit of a trend there, Monaco, Arsenal and Man City; no wonder Jose has only taken him on loan until the end of the season! That way he gets the best from him before the sulks kick in.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Mr603 - 27-01-2011

I still think he was well within his rights to do it (even if after 30 yards, he looked like a tool). I remember the first time Harry K*well returned to Elland Road. An hour of abuse about him, his wife, his wife's sexual practises, his wife's supposed affair with Marlon Dingle, Marlon Dingle anally penetrating his wife, and so on.

Twat lashes one in from 30 yards, looks to the Kop and waves. Went fucking mental.

Two minutes later, the general consensus is that the twat had got his own back, and fair play to him. So we carried on abusing him.

That's "normal" at the football. So why on earth do twats at Lollerpool report Gary Neville to the police after spending 90 minutes giving him stick only Harry K*well would deserve?

It's a joke.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - bazhsw - 27-01-2011

So is the chief donkey handler a man of his word or not? Time to go Ian...

My unbiased take on the punishment - £25,000 is a pathetic fine. By giving Aston Villa three points they've put at a disadvantage all the other strugglers. Three points is usually good for an higher position in the table at the end of the season and if you get £1M increments in prize money depending on how high you finish I reckon a £1M fine is the minimum.

And if Villa stay up by less than three points then Blackpool should be forced to pay the relegated side £20M (unless in ironies of ironies it is them of course)....

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Ben O'Bagels - 27-01-2011

Didn't he later change the resigning threat to he'd go if the Blackpool chairman agreed it was best for the club?

Or in other words, no, he's not a man of his word.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Walks - 27-01-2011

In fairness I agree with what Olly has said, as the manager he has the right to pick whatever 11 players he chooses for any game. Every player at a club would be deemed good enough to play for the club at any time and I don't think the Premier League should be saying what any team's strongest XI is.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - JP - 27-01-2011

The rules were changed from being able to pick anyone from your club to having to select from a 25 man squad. If Blackpool selected someone from that 25 man squad then how can they have fielded a weakened side? They fielded players who make up part of their squad, a squad deemed good enough for the EPL. If they'd played half their U-18 side then I could see the issue but as it stands I think the FA are taking the piss.

In other news, West Ham are now quaking in their boots as they fear that they will be hit with the £25k fine for each of their 24 matches so far this season Tongue

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Walks - 27-01-2011


RE: The Official Premiership Thread - keefa - 27-01-2011

I agree JP, with the introduction of the 25 man squad, the Premier League have brought this upon themselves.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - kin_lin - 28-01-2011

Dear Mr Premier League,

Please excuse my adopted-son, Cesc from playing this weekend, he has a sore leg. Please find attached a doctored Doctor's Certificate confirming that this is a legitimate injury that requires rest.

We confirm that we are not intentionally "weakening our squad" for our clash against [insert relegation destined team name here]. Thank you for your understanding and not imposing a GPB 25k fine on our "poor" team.

Yours faithfully,



RE: The Official Premiership Thread - tomtwice - 28-01-2011


RE: The Official Premiership Thread - deanashtonsfoot - 28-01-2011

The difference being, when a big team rests players they usully win anyway.

Still, I agree with Holloway here. He had just cause (4 games in 12 days) so he could claim the players he picked were the best available due to tiredness. I think the fine is unjust.

Although, £25k to a Prem club, even Blackpool, is bit like a fiver to me and you, so really, who cares? Wink

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 28-01-2011

Stupid rule needs to be reviewed. Managers should be free to choose from their 25 man squad with impunity.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 01-02-2011

Some good games tonight, not expecting many of the deadline day transfers to feature:
Arsenal V Everton
You'll all know who I would like to see prevail in this one. Arsenal are missing Nasri but Cahill is still not back from the Asian Cup so it is tricky to see where the Toffee's goals shall come from if Saha not on form. The Gunners of course have lots of options.
ManUre V Villa
Well Villa should have won at home earlier in the season and let it slip and United are still to lose in the League. Would like a Villa win with Bent grabbing a brace but would sttle for a draw. United still not playing well but grinding out results.
Sunderland v Chelsea
Well Sunderland are tricky to beat at home. Still need to see how they will cope without Bent. A lot on Gyan's shoulders especially if Wellbeck is out. Which Chelsea will turn up tonight? Will Drogba be inspired to a performance with the arrival of Torres. Fancy a draw in this one.
West Brom v Wigan
Both teams desperate for a win if West Brom are not to get sucked into a relegation battle they really need to win this sort of game at home. Fancy West Brom to shave it.

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - keefa - 01-02-2011

Balls Sad

RE: The Official Premiership Thread - Soulfusion - 01-02-2011

Saha 4 yards offside scores goal given. Lee Mason what a chump.