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Scouting - Doylee - 16-09-2016

Is it against the rules to buy players that haven't been scouted? I normally just sign players through the 'all known players' search, but I heard somewhere it's unrealistic as in real life you would have to scout them first.


RE: Scouting - AnalogBoy - 16-09-2016

Seems like you answered your own question? LLM strives for realism - in real life, you wouldn't buy a player sight unseen. Do you want [famously comical Senegalese 'striker' signed for Southampton by angry Scottish manager with a tache on the basis of allegedly being the cousin of Liberian striking legend]? BECAUSE THAT'S HOW YOU GET [ibid].

Clubs identify players through scouting.

RE: Scouting - kin_lin - 16-09-2016

Well I am sure that in RealLife™ that the current Leeds Chairman would happily buy a player sight unseen because the player's birthday was 7/7/1977.

Then sack him when the player confesses that 13 is his lucky number and that he would like 13 as his shirt number.

You do not want to be the current Leeds Chairman Mrgreen

RE: Scouting - JP - 16-09-2016

(16-09-2016, 09:18 AM)Doylee Wrote: Is it against the rules to buy players that haven't been scouted? I normally just sign players through the 'all known players' search, but I heard somewhere it's unrealistic as in real life you would have to scout them first.

No 'rules' on how you play per se, more guidelines. However, do clubs sign players without investigating them first? Rarely, if ever. Even son's junior side insist on players trialling before offering them a place.

If you have to ask if it breaks with the LLM philosophy or isn't realistic, then you probably already know the answer in my experience.

RE: Scouting - Doylee - 16-09-2016

I got ya, thanks for the replies.

Some teams actually use the FM Database to look into potential real life signings. So I suppose you could go by that rule and then scout the player further before signing him.

RE: Scouting - JD95 aka Fidsy Jr. - 16-09-2016

I always assumed they were the players your staff were aware of, if it's the screen I'm thinking of. In which case, I've signed players from there myself.

RE: Scouting - Scratchmonkey - 16-09-2016

I think that if you scout them before signing them, then that's legit from an LLM perspective -- i.e. the purpose of that list is that somebody on your staff, either you or one of your coaches, know about the player, at least vaguely, and then you can say, yeah, let's go scout them.

RE: Scouting - JD95 aka Fidsy Jr. - 17-09-2016

Though if you're desperate to get bodies in it also gives you an idea of what's out there that you can get in quick, while still having 'real' club knowledge of them.

Scouting them is the best way to go but definitely wouldn't put using that list down as a no-no.

RE: Scouting - Keith - 19-09-2016

Real teams use their scouts to look for/recommend players. Unless they don't have any scouts (or even when they do), in which case they trial players. Therefore, so should we. The idea of the newer player lists is semi-reallistic, but it's still only a list of players your scouts know about - it's meant to narrow your search, not eliminate the point of scouts altogether.

LLM is about trying - or more importantly, wanting - to play the game as realistically as possible. Real teams use scouts. QED. So it comes down to whether you actually do want to play realistically - in which case you'll want to use your scouts - or just want to play the game you want to play, picking and choosing 'realism' as it suits. Either's fine, but we're about the former. It's also why we don't like the idea of "rules" - these aren't rules we impose - they're guidelines for realistic play that anyone wanting to play realistically can use to make their games more, well, realistic. It's a distinction that many have been confused by, historically speaking.

As for the stories you've heard about real managers using FM's database; no player was ever signed for a professional team, sight or scout unseen, from a video game. Not even FM. Using it as a tool to look for players to send their scouts to take a closer look at, however... now that might have happened. Smile

RE: Scouting - SackedLlaMa - 20-09-2016

Totally agree, Keith. That's my understanding of scouting according to the LLM ethos as well and I never sign a player without a scout looking at him and/or a trial.

RE: Scouting - f1dave - 21-09-2016

Part of the twisted joy of LLM is having to deal with a striker with a finishing stat of 4 that your scout said would be a key player for your squad and lead you to splurge a huge salary on them for a 3 year contract.

If you've never done this at least once I question your LLM credentials