LLM compatibility with (really) old versions of FM
20-03-2018, 11:55 AM (This post was last modified: 20-03-2018, 11:58 AM by Earl Ælfgar.)
Due to my inability to commit and get into a long term game on the latest versions of FM, and also thanks to my 6 year old computer deciding it doesn't like me anymore, I am now stuck with a very outdated version of FM to play LLM - 2007 to be exact! So how would you guys feel about dipping into such an old version of the game with a view to posting the results on here? On the one hand it will allow me to smash a season in no time compared to the newer versions. And thanks to a busier adult life now I'm finding less and less time to commit to a full on game so this will work to my advantage. On t'other, whilst still my favourite year by far, its severely lacking in a lot of detail that are standard for the newer games such as detailed player interaction etc. I'm not particularly bothered about the outdated database, but I know that in the older versions of the game after so many seasons things start to get weird and unrealistic.

So what say you fellow LLMs. Until I get my computer fixed / upgraded what is the consensus on starting a long term game with a really old version? Is it frowned upon or does it not really matter so long as I play to the same rules??

Bēo ġesund!

Ælfgar Earl

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