FM17 Overview of Bottom Divisions and Coaching Badge Statistics (WIP)
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Spreadsheets and project posts:
Complete overview of number of different coaching badges in all playable bottom divisions in FM17:
Spreadsheet: FM17 Overview of Bottom Divisions and Coaching Badge Statistics
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The possibility of landing a job in any bottom division in FM17 without a coaching badge or previous experience:
Spreadsheet: FM17: Job Hunting with no Coaching License
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Research into what coaching badges and experience the game itself recommends you start with and what influences this recommendation:
Spreadsheet: FM17: Recommended License and Experience in Bottom Divisions
Thread posts:
#12: What influences the game recommendations? 
#20: Does your nationality influence game recommendations?


FM17 Complete Overview of Coaching Licenses in the Bottom Divisions 

Ever thought to yourself, 'I wish there was an overview of every bottom division in FM17 with a bit of info on each and statistics on coaching badges in each division'? Of course you haven't because you're sane. But now there is one anyway. 

What is this? - Part 1
In this overview every single playable bottom division in FM17 is listed along with the following information on each; 
- Tier (i.e. National League North/South is the 6th tier in England, 2nd division is the 3rd tier in Norway etc.)
- Rank; where the league is currently ranked in the League Reputation table
- Rep; Reputation listed in number of stars in the League Reputation table (i.e. Welsh Premier League is 1, Erste Liga in Austria is 2.5)
- Status; Here I've tried to list the status of the majority of clubs in that division, from amateur to professional. In cases where it's about 50-50, I've used the lowest status to reflect the worst of the worst (where I constantly seem to end up...). I.e. in Danish 2nd Division there are many semi-professional clubs, but since about half the league consists of amateur clubs, I've listed Amateur as status. Note: This category is the least 'facts' because it doesn't reflect every single status of every single club in the league. 
- # just means the number of clubs on this level. In leagues consisting of multiple groups (i.e. National League North and South or the 6 2nd division groups in Sweden) I've added them all up and given a total number. I.e. there are 10 clubs in the single Scottish third division but 80 clubs spread across 4 groups in Spain's Segunda B.

What is this? - Part 2
The rest of the table is data on coaching licenses currently held by existing managers at the lowest playable level in every country in FM17. Yes, I clicked on every single manager at every single club in any bottom division in FM17 (and yes, there were times I wished I hadn't started doing this...)

The first two categories are: 
- UN (for Unavailable) = means number of clubs where EITHER the club is UNplayable (i.e. reserve or '2' team) OR the info was UNavailable (i.e. some clubs have a Director/Manager where there's no info on any coaching license. Yes, there is a difference between no info available and the person not having a coaching badge as the latter is listed as 'None').
- W/o man. (Without manager) = means that the club currently has no manager. This does not include teams that have a Director/Manager and the likes.

Then follows 3 main Categories – 'Native', 'Foreign (from same continent)' and 'Foreign (from different continent)'. 
- 'Native' means the manager is from the same country he is currently managing in, i.e. an Englishman managing in England. 
- 'Foreign (from same continent)' means the manager is of a different nationality then the club he is managing, but his country of origin is on the same continent as his current club, i.e. an Englishman managing in Spain. 
- 'Foreign (from different continent)' same as above, only he is from a different continent, i.e. an Englishman managing in Australia

1. I wanted to see a difference between managers born in UK & Ireland managing in UK & Ireland and other Europeans coaching in UK & Ireland, so I call anyone from UK & Ireland 'Native' if they currently manage in the UK or in Ireland. Hopefully I'm not offending anyone from UK & Ireland, but I hope you understand why I wanted to separate the two without creating yet another main category... I did the same with Chinese managers managing in Hong Kong and I lumped everyone from USA and Canada together under 'Native'.
2. In cases of dual-citizenship, where one is the country he's currently managing in, I've listed him under 'Native'. This is because I want to separate managers who have lived in a country for years (long enough to get dual-citizenship) and then get a managing job and people who move to a country because they've been offered a job.
3. The reason I divided the foreign managers into two separate categories is because I wanted to see the difference (or if there was a difference) between say an Argentinian and a European managing in South America or separate Europeans from other Asians managing in China. It's one thing to move to a neighboring country and quite a different thing to move to a new continent. 

Then each of these 3 main categories have 8 subcategories which lists the number of managers with a certain coaching license. It shouldn't be too hard to understand; 
'None' means the manager currently holds no coaching license; 
Nat means National (C is the lowest, A is the highest)
Ct means Continental (C is the lowest, Pro is the highest)
(The 8 categories are listed in ascending order from 'None' to Continental Pro, from left to right)

Also note that there are three sheets; one for the 'Americas', one for 'Asia/S.Africa' (because it looked stupid to have a whole sheet just for 1 division) and 'Europe'. The reason S.Africa and USA/Mexico are separated from the rest of the nations on their sheet is because they're not on the same League Reputation table so listing them together would be inaccurate. 

What is it for? 
Anything you want really. If you can use it for anything, awesome. If not, it's probably just for me, but I thought I'd share it anyway just in case anyone wants it. What will I use it for?

When starting a new career it might help me decide on what leagues I want to include. I.e. if I want to start in Germany, either with a club or maybe especially if I want to start unemployed, it might be a good idea to include other leagues of a similar reputation or rank (I haven't tested it yet, but I think it's difficult to get a job in a 2 star rep league if you've also loaded a 1 or 0.5 star rep league). Or, depending on your view on coaching badges (discussed here) you might want avoid certain leagues or make sure you have a high enough coaching badge to start with. 

I also think the overview can come in handy when moving from one league to the next. Let's say you've been in one country for a few years, maybe gained a few coaching badges and are now looking to move to a new country. The league reputation and rank can show realistic leagues to jump to and you can see what coaching license seems to be the minimum to coach in that league. 

Weaknesses and what it is not;
One thing the list does not take into account are managers who've been at a club or in a league for years and gained licenses while there. A manager may hold a Continental A license now, but there's no easy way of knowing what license he had when he was hired in that league. In other words, the 'minimum license to get in' may be lower than what everyone else in the league currently has. 

Secondly, and this is the most important point; the list should in NO WAY keep you from coaching in certain leagues. We never made an official guideline on coaching licenses back in FM15 – and we still haven't – and that's why I say, use the list for whatever you want (or don't use it all) but don't use it if it's gonna keep you from having fun in any bottom division of your choosing. 

I think that's all. Please let me know if anything is wrong or unclear. Also, if you wanna sort the list in any way, just download it and do whatever the hell you want. 

Link to the Spreadsheet
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