*** Rules & Guidelines ***
20-11-2010, 10:25 PM
LLaMa Forum Rules:
  • No Tipping - No player naming, no tactics naming or discussion, no training naming or discussion
  • No Cheating - no editing, no 'scouting' programs, no reloading without saving, etc.
  • No Bragging
  • Do not ask for advice on which team to pick
  • Updates can only be posted after 3 seasons have been completed
  • Posters must make an effort to type in legible English (non-native speakers needn't worry, but no text speak please)

For further explanation of any of the above see the What is LLM? link, the explanations below or feel free to ask. We're always happy to explain why our strange rules are the way they are (SPOILERS!), and always happy to debate both old and new 'guidelines', especially as each new iteration of the game comes out.

As each new release attempts to become ever more realistic, old guidelines can become absorbed into the game and become obsolete as 'guidelines'. And each new version throws up new questions of realism. Is this latest feature realistic? Or does the game allow the player to 'bend the rules' a little bit? So new guidelines are being formed all the time. Remember that you are not obligated to follow each guideline slavishly like a set of 'rules' - that's not what they're for.

If you want a certain element of the game to be more realistic than you think the game is as it stands, you can talk with other like-minded people about a set of guidelines you can use to make the game feel more realistic for you. Because you want to, not because you have to. They're meant to help you achieve the degree of realism you want to enhance your gameplaying experience.

But that's only one part of LLM. A lot of people like to play realistically, and they might find the guidelines as useful as any LLaMa. But they might also like to talk about tactics and who the best players are. Some love the fantasy football element of editing themselves and their friends into the game. The difference - and the only difference - between us is that LLM is specifically for the type of player who doesn't want to do those things. For us, all that stuff is 'spoilers'. We enjoy the discovery, the mystery of not knowing and finding out ourselves how to beat this bloody game... sometimes by smart tactical thinking (we wish), mostly by sheer trial, error and repeated suckage until we either do start 'beating' the game (and usually get bored shortly after, quit and start a new game in Outer Mongolia) or, as usually happens, getting a humiliating lesson in how rubbish we actually are at this effin' game. And we love it. if you're still here and read this far, you might too.

A big tip of the hat to the (sadly departed) SI:LLM forum and the LLM pioneers, without whom...
20-11-2010, 10:25 PM
Further Explanation of the Forum Rules

Points of Clarity:

The Rules pertain and apply to the forum.
The LLM Guidelines pertain and apply to our games.

LLaMas do not visit tactical or good player forums - this is against the whole ethos of LLM of "doing it yourself". You can convert, but you can't do both. However, non-LLMs are welcome to post as long as they respect the rules and spirit of the forum, although non-LLM game updates will not be allowed, for obvious reasons.

General forum etiquette applies here too; in general terms - be nice. Let's try to keep trolling and flaming out of the forum.

Choosing a team:

The team you choose should be from the lowest playable league in your chosen country. One league countries are acceptable as long as the standard is not too high. If in doubt, ask Paco.

No Tipping
Because LLM players don't want advice on their games, preferring to work things out for themselves, tipping is akin to giving 'spoilers' and can ruin other players enjoyment and therefore any advice or tips is forbidden.

Our games are supposed to be self-contained little 'worlds' and any outside help in finding players is regarded as cheating and revealing your own players is regarded as tipping.

Using random computer-generated players wouldn't solve the problem either (as well as removing the sense of realism this would do for some), because unless one's knowledge of players is encyclopaedic, then most of us wouldn't be able to distinguish a 'real' player from a 'virtual' one anyway - so in order to remove the temptation to 'player tip' it has proven most effective in LLM forums to completely ban player naming. It's just easier, basically. As also explained elsewhere there is no real need to give actual player names when describing your team's/players exploits, so this is not considered any particular hindrance.

Mistakes happen however, so if you inadvertently name a player, either edit it out yourself if you realise it, or a mod will do so asap. Repeated player-naming, however, will be regarded suspiciously by just about everyone. Bat

No tactics/training naming
Describing your formation or training methods could give hints to others about what works best and be a potential 'spoiler' for them when they're trying to figure out for themselves what works and what doesn't. Or, at worst, outright devolve into a blatant tipfest with people giving pointers left and right about how to best tweak your formation/training to get the best out of your team Explode It's happened. Not here of course. You know. Over there. Apparently. So I'm told. It could be apocryphal. But why take the chance, eh? So, as per player naming it's just easier to dodge that bullet entirely and say let's just not go there.

No Bragging
Tempting as it may be to think you're the best manager ever, it is regarded as extremely crass and immature to boast about how awesome you are (i.e. people will think you're a dick). Tell us about your achievements, by all means, but leave the praise to others.


1. New updates can only be started once you have completed three seasons (of your career, not with one club)
2. Only one update thread per career. One career per thread.
3. Keep it short* - this is LLM, not FM stories. Individual game summaries should be avoided, but may be posted for Cup Finals, play-off games and important games which have a direct bearing on your team, e.g. relegation deciders.
4. A screenshot of special moments, your final table (if, you know, words just won't do), but don't fill your whole update with them. Blank out any players names using a photoshoppy type program (Paint will do). If you can't do that, you have no business posting screenshots anyway. (And use an image hosting service - don't be clogging up my server space with that shit).

*We're flexible about this. Some of us don't mind longer interesting and entertaining updates - it's just that, frankly, beyond a certain point, most aren't. Don't worry - we'll tell you if you're boring us.

No Flaming/Trolling
We're well aware of how LLM is perceived in certain quarters. It's not like that here. Never has been (8 years and counting here and at FMB). Never will be (under my watch and all that). It's simple - we won't be dicks (it's a site rule) and all we ask is that the people who visit us aren't either. If they are, I have a magic wand that makes them disappear. Wizard

Use of English
We ask that all users post in English. As this may not be the first language of some, we ask that users make an effort to type legibly, with some attention paid to basic punctuation and grammar. For your own sake too - nobody wants to read a wall of unpunctuated text written in Internet Gibberish. We're not grammar nazis or anything (well, some of us might be, but...) - just make a bit of an effort. But if you type "should of" instead of "should've" or, god forbid, type 2 and U instead of "to" or "you" Mad I'll personally shoot you in the damn face.

Violations of the Forum Rules
Mistakes happen and we understand that. Most of the time, a rule violation will result in a mod editing the offending post with a gentle reminder to be careful in future.

Repeated or gross violations will result in anything from a posted 'stop it or else' type warning, or if we feel it is necessary anything up to and including a ban. As we want to maintain a friendly atmosphere, we hope this won't be necessary*...

Deliberate wind-ups, p*ss takers, Basils and plurks will not be given the same friendly welcome as genuine posters and will be warned and banned without hesitation, if necessary.

*So far, in 8 years of doing this, it hasn't been. Don't be the first. The only bans we've handed out are to spammers and the occasional sociopathic psychopath who happened to think this would be a nice place to stalk visit. If you're either of them, you're gone.

Remember - because LLM players don't wish to receive hints or tips on their games, the point of these rules is to protect players from 'spoilers' which can ruin their enjoyment of the game. Bear this in mind and you won't go far wrong.

Quote:From the SI LLM forum rules, with thanks.

G.A's three ways of playing LLM

1) Choose a team. Play the same team until you've won everything you can, regardless of how long it takes, or until you're sacked. Then start a new game.
2) Choose a team. Play until your reputation attracts the interest of ever increasingly bigger teams; change clubs as and when you're offered jobs until you're in charge at Real Madrid, Juventus, Man Utd or a World Cup winning manager with San Marino.
3) Choose a team. Do crap. Get sacked. Wait for another team. Do crap. Get sacked. Wait for….ad infinitum.
20-11-2010, 10:26 PM
A brief summary of some of the major LLM Guidelines.

Please note that these are not 'rules' - the forum rules are stated above - but guidelines to help players get a feel for what is considered 'realistic' in LLM.
  • No cheating.
  • Use scouts to find players (i.e. do not use the Player Search screen).
  • Attribute masking should be used.
  • Job centre should be used to find staff.
  • Players must be scouted before they can be signed.
Please see the Guidelines entry on the main site for more information on the LLM guidelines, and the Stupid Questions page for more in-depth answers to individual questions.
20-12-2013, 12:33 PM
Lower league local recruitment guidelines

My current take on this "local" recruitment policy for a semi-pro club offering part-time contracts in the BSS/BSN is:

- birthplace within 1 hours drive
- last club within 1 hours drive
- "old-boy" (ie has played for my club before)
- transfer gossip links them to BSN/BSS clubs with 1 hours drive
- "wanted" or "contract offered" by other BSN/BSS clubs within 1 hours drive
- "on trial" with BSS/BSN clubs within 1 hours drive
- currently playing for other clubs within 1 hours drive

Background discussions for these guidelines
Original local recruitment discussion in Stupid Questions thread
Part 2 of local recruitment discussion in Stupid Questions thread

NB: These are personal guidelines some LLaMas are using to make their recruitment policy more realistic, for them, than the game currently allows. You are NOT obligated to apply these to your game. But if you feel the same, perhaps you'll find these guidelines useful to your game too.
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