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03-09-2017, 01:29 PM
Football Manager 2015, Classic Mode
Leagues: Czech Republic, France, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary

[Image: FK_Ban%C3%ADk_Most_logo.gif]
FK Baník Most

Czech Second Division

Club Status: Professional, Okay finances, 250 season ticket holders
Board Expects: Mid table finish, 3rd round of the cup

A bright start saw my unfancied side leap away to seven points from three games... unfortunately for me our points tally had not changed some ten games later! One spectacular highlight included a game where my keeper continually ran into his goalpost while the ball sat three feet to his right, the opposition striker eventually running over to the ball to put him out of his misery.

The very next game we finally recorded a long overdue win, with the fifth tactic in as many weeks finally paying dividends. As a reward, my second best striker told me he'd lost faith in my management. We lost the next game 2-0, two more players did the same as the striker, and I did the honourable thing and fell on my sword.


[Image: Vend%C3%A9e_Poir%C3%A9-sur-Vie_Football_logo.png]
Le Poiré-sur-Vie VF
French National

(Upon taking over: 17th, 4 points from safety, 14 games to go)

Club Status: Semi-Professional, Okay finances, 675 season ticket holders
Board Expects: Fight bravely against relegation

It was two months before I picked up another job, this one in France. This side had a much better balance to it than my last one, but the previous coach simply hadn't been playing to their strengths. I changed the tactics up and we started picking up some points.

Unfortunately we then entered a rough stretch of fixtures against teams well above us in the table, and the lads' confidence dropped badly as we lost a number of games on the trot. This also meant we lost some games we should have won against the teams around us, and as the final games of the season approached we were in the drop zone.

We picked up form when it counted and kept ourselves in with a shout - it all came down to the final day where we played FC Istres OP. A win for them would see them promoted, a win for us would save our season. In the end, it wasn't to be - they would go on to win 1-0 and we would be relegated by just two points from the team above. Unfortunate, as I felt I could have done more with this side with more time.

Final position: 15th (of 18),  10-8-16. My record: 5-3-6


[Image: 120px-Football_club_Bourg-P%C3%A9ronnas.svg.png]
FC Bourg-Péronnas
French National

Club Status: Semi-Professional, Insecure finances, 200 season ticket holders
Board expects: Mid table, 9th Round in Cup

Evidently impressed by the fighting job I'd done at a divisional rival, FC Bourg-Peronnas didn't let me stay unemployed long as they offered me the job at a team that finished just three places higher than Le Poire-sur-Vie. This time, I would have a whole pre-season to figure out what I wanted to do with the squad.

A good amount of players were overpaid and coming out of contract, so I let a dozen of them go on frees whilst retaining a few on part-time wages to cover gaps. The team would be built around Boomshakalaka, my Algerian left winger who had scored 11 goals in 28 games last season. I brought in half a dozen players, all free transfers, with a view to strengthening the right wing and my defensive flanks.

All in all it seemed smart business; after 11 games we'd only lost twice and were safely in the top half of the table. Our somewhat-crippled finances (who on earth signed this rubbish midfielder who is paid what two thirds of the squad earn put together?!?) limited our depth and we ran into mid-season blues with 9 losses in 11 games, including getting dumped out of the cup by Ligue 2 Ajaccio in the 7th Round. 

This had us floating only 4 points above the relegation zone with eight games to play, but the injection of a new Senegalese-French midfielder, Gomez, helped propel us back up the table and achieve the board's expectations with a 10th place finish. An especially memorable game saw him smash one in from 25 yards to earn a very creditable draw against eventual champs Bastia with the last kick of the game. I was pleased to accept another year's contract. Recruitment will be important again next year, as a Ligue 2 side has poached my best defender, with the expensive midfielder set to follow (good riddance, says the accountant).

Final position: 10th (of 18),  12-9-13.


[Image: 120px-Football_club_Bourg-P%C3%A9ronnas.svg.png]
FC Bourg-Péronnas
French National

Club Status: Semi-Professional, Insecure finances, 206 season ticket holders
Board expects: Top Half, 9th Round in Cup

After passing the board's exam last year, expectations were higher this time around. Top half would be the pass mark, and as a result the squad would need some strengthening. In a rare stroke of luck, my wantaway CM was not picked up by any Ligue 2 sides, and he had no choice but to accept a dramatically reduced salary to stay in continued employment. Joining him would be a few teenage loanees from Lyon to add some depth to the squad, Cote D'Ivorie striker Cable Guy who joined on a free transfer, and a new keeper for 35K from AS Yzeure. We sent half a dozen players out the door on frees to help ease the wage budget troubles we'd found ourselves in.

The season started with the unwelcome news that Boomshakalaka had torn a hamstring and would be out for 3 months. This put pressure on the squad immediately and I had a very green-looking front three - two loanee wingers and untested Cable Guy up front. The results? Astounding. After a very patchy beginning, with only one win in 6 games, we ended up being second on the table by the time that Boomshakalaka came back to full fitness. Central to this was Cable Guy, who was eating defences for breakfast, and Barbie, my backup left winger who had done so well playing in the reserves I decided to give him a run in the firsts - and he responded by creating and scoring in equal measure, winning a number of  games off his own foot.

The board asked if I wanted to increase expectations to promotion, and after thinking about it I decided to play it safe and stay with top half. This proved an incredibly wise decision as Boomshakalaka again tore a muscle - this time a calf - and would again be out for 3 months. This time, we didn't take it so well. Our run home mirrored the abject start to the season we had, and we fell out of the promotion race. With no chance of promotion in the final three games, I took a chance to continue blooding youngsters with a view to next season, and sixth would be where we'd finish, 4 points off the third and final promotion spot. 

All up a decent season, with the best players re-signed and some good youth prospects to think about too - a largely youthful team took us to the 8th round of the French Cup. One of the stars of that run was a young centre half, and Ligue 2 clubs circled him before I eventually let him go to Red Star for a modest fee and a 20% sell-on clause. Meanwhile, Cable Guy would finish second on the scorers list, and was joined in the team of the season by my veteran left back and loanee right winger from Lyon.

Final Position: 6th (of 18), 14-12-8

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03-09-2017, 06:48 PM
Excellent write-up Smile Seems like things are coming together in France! Always exciting when you have promising youngsters on the doorstep. Do you think you'll be in a position to fight for promotion next year or maybe in the next two or three?

Also, any plans on bringing in the goalpost challenged goalie from Banik? Mrgreen
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05-09-2017, 10:15 AM
That guy isn't going anywhere any time soon Mrgreen

I think promotion in a couple of years is a realistic target - assuming I can keep hold of my best players, which may prove a challenge...

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Currently managing: Kazincbarcika Sports Club, Hungarian Division I
10-09-2017, 07:31 AM
KUTGW in France.
Always a tempting and difficult choice when the board offer a change of expectations. Could backfire or could show a lack of ambition, but looks like you got it right this time.

Is there any playoffs or is it straight first 3 up?

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