The Official  How to post updates
24-11-2010, 01:45 PM
First of all, for those who may be confused, 'updates', as used here, means season summaries of our LLM games, not player/transfer/other databasey stuff - LLMers don't do them. For a fuller description of LLM in general, see the What is LLM? article.

New update threads should only be started once you have completed 3 seasons of your career. This avoids loads of pointless threads being started when people don't persevere with their saves. Regardless of how many team changes you go through in your managerial career, only one thread should be used per career. Once you have created your initial 3-season thread, you can then update whenever you wish, although more than once or twice per season is probably excessive.

Updates should be concise and to the point. No stories. Some would even go so far as to say that the perfect update would go something like this:

Quote:Season 1: Suckley Town. Did crap. Got relegated and sacked.
Season 2: Got a job in January with Craptown Utd. Just avoided relegation. Already out of all cups when I arrived.
Season 3: Made play-offs. Lost. Cups suck arse.

However, personally I think that's as boring as any thousand word essay, so should you wish to put a bit more detail than that, then the following update can be used as a guide, but for goodness sake, don't copy this format and use it directly as a template - how identikit would our updates be then? Put your own style and stamp on them, feel free to make them as long or as short as you want, but this is about the ideal size - much more and people probably won't bother reading 'em.

Quote:Season 2006-2007

Transfer budget: £14k.

Preseason: AssMan P6 W1 D1 L4 F6 A16, including a 0-7 drubbing. Not much of a morale booster then.

Players In: 27 (£16k - mostly kids to fill out the reserve & u18 teams) +3 youth 'promotions'
Players Out: 7 (£13k)

English Conference National (odds 40-1, struggle bravely against relegation):

Just 2pts from the first 8 games and we're stuck at the bottom. A 4-0 win over Halifax in the 9th game is a welcome relief, but wins remain hard to come by and we continue to occupy the relegation spots.

Some changes in November bring about an improvement in form, but we're still 23rd at Christmas, 4pts shy of the safety zone... a few more wins come and we get out of the drop zone for the first time in January. Unfortunately we can't seem to break free of the pack, drawing a lot of games we should've won, and continue to flirt with the drop.

With two games to go we need just 1pt or Kidderminster to drop a point in order to stay up... come on. My captain makes a public statement about our battle against relegation, which was nice, and we duly play a blinder to beat York away in the next game to ensure our survival for another season, with a whole one game remaining... \o/ yes!

Final Position: 18th
W13 D13 L20 F64 A60 Pts52

FA Cup: Knocked out in 2nd round at Grimsby 1-0. Gave the lads a pat on the back, as I think they did well.
FA Trophy: Put out a second string team against Crawley in the 2nd round and paid the price 0-2.

Highlight of the Season:
My captain calling on the team to beat York City in order to continue our fight against relegation. Liked that. And surviving.

Other News:
Spain win the World Cup with a 2-1 victory over Brazil. England lose 1-2 to the Czech Republic in the 3rd place play-off.
Cardiff win promotion to the premiership \o/
Nottm Forest poach my best scout. Gits.
End of season profit: £57k

Note the final position 'table' - this is really as much as is needed, but if you want to put up a screen-shot of your final table, that's fine too (but please ensure they're a reasonable size and don't take up huge chunks of bandwidth).

Individual games/scorelines should not be mentioned unless they are particularly important (such as the cup game you got knocked out in, or when you took a big scalp, or a relegation/promotion decider, for example).

If you absolutely must tell us about your wonder striker, remember not to refer to him by name - call him Young WonderStriker or something - don't be too clever; if you call him say, Swifty Crosserman, some bright spark might think it's a real player name, thinks he can then tell us all about his players too, then the player-naming floodgates open and things will go all Timothy - and we don't want that...

Don't mention what tactics you used (not even the basic shape) - in fact you should read over what you've written before you post to ensure that you haven't put something in which could be considered 'advice' for other managers (e.g. DON'T say something like, "I was on a bad run, so I switched to a 1-1-8, increased my training schedules to max and fined all my players, which seemed to work a treat...). This would be a Very Bad Thing.

At the start of your update thread you may wish to put some startup information, such as the database size, what leagues have been loaded, etc. It is generally considered a bad thing to load other countries players outside the leagues you have running, as later in the game there will be a flood of those players in places where there usually isn't, and can consequently unbalance the game and spoil the illusion of 'realism'.

Some LLaMas rely on their memories when doing updates, but another way is to makes notes during play with Notepad which you can then edit later.

Your update doesn't have to look like the one above, but that should give an idea of what kinds of things you might want to put in (and what not to, hopefully).

  • 3 season rule - only start updates after 3 seasons (you can update as often as you wish after this, but don't go mad)
  • One update thread per career
  • Screen-shots of tables are ok, but ensure they don't take up acres of screen space and huge chunks of bandwidth.
  • No stories
  • No tipping (including player naming)
  • No bragging.
  • Avoid "cookie-cutter" updates - don't just copy the above, add your own flavour and touch of originality to make yours unique.

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