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30-11-2010, 01:09 PM
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Welcome to LowerLeagueManager.com, the Gateway to the Wonderful World of LLM

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a real manager, taking charge of a tiny club, with no transfer funds and players that barely know which goal they should be running towards?

Have you ever dreamed of taking your local club, with a support base barely in triple figures (if you're lucky) to the heights of European glory?

Have you ever wondered why that bald shouty bloke would coach the same team of no-hopers for 20 years with no financial reward or personal glory to show for it?

Welcome to the wonderful world of LLM, where dreams of all of the above drive its players to start at the bottom and work their way to the very top (or not), with nothing but their own mettle to aid them.

Lowerleaguemanager.com is a site aimed at introducing new players to the way of the LLaMa. This is not some watered-down, poor-man's cheap imitation, kiddy version, however. We want to introduce new players to the real thing, so the rules and guidelines are the same as those developed by the established LLM community - formulated and refined over many years, evolving as each iteration of the Football Manager franchise has grown.

Many people are put off by the complex and demanding nature of LLM and, while it is true that to play LLM takes a certain kind of player - disciplined, patient, possibly slightly obsessive - once the ethos is understood, many find it is the most satisfying way to play the game and never play any other way. That this style of play has lasted so long and the community remained so strong is a tribute to the fact that once you play this way, you probably always will.

Lowerleaguemanager.com will be a friendly place to learn about LLM, amongst forum members and moderators willing to explain things and guide new players along the path of the LLaMa. But never tipping, of course. To this end, we request that established LLaMas be patient with the newbies and help them adjust to this style of playing.

However, this does not mean that the guidelines or rules will be watered down in any way. This is still LLM. The only way to truly discover the way of the LLaMa is to play like a LLaMa.

Useful Links:
  • If you're new to LLM, you may find the What is LLM? article useful for a broad overview of what LLM is about.
  • Please read the Rules & Guidelines thread before posting, as this should explain everything you need to know about playing LLM and the rules for posting in the forum.
  • For explanations of the strange 'code words' LLaMas use and the history of LLM look in the Glossary and History pages
  • For an example on how to post updates, read the update guide.
  • If you have any questions about the rules or guidelines or about LLM in general, ask in Stupid Questions.
  • If you think LLM might be just what you're looking for and you intend sticking around, please introduce yourself in the... Introduction thread.
  • If you have any suggestions on improving the forum let us know in Forum Feedback.
  • If you want to try LLM on for size, feel free to take up the Newbie LLaMa Challenge.
  • For a look at some real-life lower league clubs check out our league guides in the Gazeteer

Once again, welcome to LowerLeagueManager.com. We hope you enjoy the site.

Sage Advice: For those new to LLM we suggest you take the time to read everything before you jump in. This will greatly increase your understanding of LLM (and will win you brownie points with the LLaMas too).

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