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12-07-2019, 11:37 AM
Season 53 - 2063/64 - Balıkesirspor - Turkish Premier Division

Media predicted:  3rd
Board expectation - challenge for the title

A tough season all round.
The league went really well by anyone's standards, except apparently my board's.  We went really well, and fought ourselves into 1st place with 6 or so games to go.  Then a draw away at Galatasaray and a complete FM of a home loss to Fenerbahçe meant we dropped to 4th.  Yes, it was that tight.  We won out, meaning we climbed to 2nd, but Trabzonspor also won out to win by 4points.  Galatasary and Fenerbahçe ended up 1point behind us.  5points between 1st and 4th.  The board?  "We're disappointed that the club wasn't in position to challenge for the title".  And of course, still, "The club's stature is being tarnished by the team's performance since you took charge".  What??  We just scored the most goals in a league season for the TPD ever (breaking our own record), 120 in 34games.  We conceded 24 in 34games.  I think we play nice football, and we sell out every game.  We just went up to a ranking of 38th in Europe, which isn't bad.  Galatasaray are the top ranked team in Turkey, they're 34th and dropping.  At the end of the year our facilities were downgraded, the board don't want to improve them.  I am beginning to get a little bit pissed at them.  If it weren't for the fact that I love the club so much, I'd leave.  Perhaps soon I won't have a choice ...

Super Cup - lost 2-4 aet to Trabzonspor (n).

Turkish Cup - lost in the Quarter Final (second game we played) 1-3 aet to Trabzonspor (n).

Champions League - drew a tough group with Man City (England) again, PSG (France) and FC Kobenhavn.  Played better against Man City but still lost both games, did well against PSG but needed to draw and lost late on to finish 3rd and drop into the EURO Cup 1st round KO.  There we drew Olympiakos (Greece) and lost unluckily 1-3 (a) in front of 83000, could only win our home game 1-0 and out.

In terms of development a couple of players have really stepped up, and things are looking quite good for the future.  It's a bit tough to get enough game time into some of the backups to help them move on, but we did need them around when injuries and suspensions kicked in around the middle of the year.  I think we'll be fiddling around like this for a couple of seasons waiting for Trabzonspor to fall away a bit.  Maybe the board will be OK with that, maybe they won't.  We'll see ...

P34 W27 D3 L4 +96 2/18

Players in:  3 for $5.5m, a utility player, a backup ST and a backup DR
Players out:   6 for $16.5m
18-07-2019, 08:35 AM
Season 54 - 2064/65 - Balıkesirspor - Turkish Premier Division

Media predicted - 3rd
Board expect - Challenge for the title

The last couple of years with not much movement out of the club some of the brightest prospects hadn't been getting much game time and hadn't really progressed as a result.  I didn't want to see that happen, and with the fact that the TPD is effectively a 2-tier system (top 6 or 7, bottom 12 or 11) I decided to change things around.  I'd play the best team in Europe and the big league games, and the reserves/prospects against the league's second tier.  It was a risk, obviously, but I wanted to see the players move on even if it meant the board got upset because, well, they are anyway.

It started poorly, with the reserves going DWD in the league, and the first team losing 0-3 (a) to Roma (Italy) in the Champions' League.  Right after that though it started going to plan and it looked like the season was going to be OK after all.  We qualified top of our CL group, with Roma, old club Sporting (Spain) and FC Kobenhavn (Denmark) and fought our way to the top of the TPD.

Then league form went sideways with careless losses to Bursa Nilüferspor and Gaziosmanpasa and a draw to bottom club Çankerispor that we had to fight for our life for.  In the CL we'd drawn Barcelona (Spain) and fought bravely to lose a late goal 0-1 (a) and a scrambled goal giving them an undeserved 1-1 (h) to go out in the first KO round.  That did free up the first team for league duties of course.

Even with that, we were struggling to stay top.  Trabzonspor fell away, leaving Fenerbahçe as our main challengers with a game against them to come.  Inside 30minutes we were 0-4 down and that meant that they had the tiebreaker over us (HTH results are the first tiebreaker, GD the second).  We fought back a little to lose 1-4(a) but too little too late and we were tied on points but they were top.  Next game for them though was Galatasaray and when they could only draw 1-1 (h) we won both remaining games, just, to win the league by 2points.

In the Turkish Cup we got through to the Final and I played a speedy ST that had been on the fringes a bit and had agreed a deal with Villareal (Spain).  He scored the only goal of the game in his last game for the club, which felt nice, and we'd done the double.

Going forward, I'm planning to use the same approach to the league and Europe.  I'd like to get our standing up a bit and get the board off my back, plus allow our great prospects to actually become great.  Hopefully we'll also get some realistic offers for our best players and create some space at the top of the rotation.  

P34 W26 D4 L4 +78 1/18 by 2points

Players in:  0 for $0
Players out:  1 for $1.8m
03-08-2019, 10:20 AM
Season 55 - 2065/66 - Balıkesirspor - Turkish Premier Division

Media predicted: 1st
Board expect:  Challenge for the title

This year I tried to tweak the approach a bit to get more game time into our best players, after they'd been slightly underplayed last year.  Its a bit worrying as the Youth system hasn't produced anything for a while.  Izzy has had so many injuries his stats have gone significantly backwards.  Star will be OK, but we're really only World Class at AMC and now GK after the scouts found a great free agent.  We're having  to buy a lot of prospects which is fine but somehow unsatisfying.

We won the Super Cup against Trabzonspor 1-0 aet (n) to set the stage for a relatively straightforward league season, with Trabzonspor being the closest challengers but they eventually faded away.  The Turkish Cup was also fairly straightforward, and the second string beat Galatasaray 5-3 (n) in the final.

In the Champion's League group stage we started with a loss to Bayern Munich (Germany) and ended with a loss to Juventus (Italy), but did well enough with other results groing our way to top the group.  That got us a 1KO tie against LASK Linz (Austria) and we just had the edge 2-2 (a) and 1-0 (h).  2KO drew us with Real Madrid (Spain), and we were unlucky in conceding a goal at the end to draw 1-1 (h).  The away leg though was much more open and we grabbed an early goal that they cancelled out on the stroke of HT.  We broke away early in the second half to lead again and again they leveled though that meant we were ahead on away goals.  They pressed, and a fine 85th minute winner saw us through.   That took us to a Semi-final match with Olympic Marseille (France) and a fantastic home leg was more even than a final score of 3-0 to us.  The other semi final was also one-side, with Liverpool (England) beating PSG (France) 4-0.  Their second leg ended PSG 5-0 Liverpool in a shock, and it seemed that ours would go the same way as OM led 3-0 after 65mins.  The rest of the game was fairly even, but we finally took a chance that came our way to edge though 1-3 (a), 4-3 (agg).
So, the Champion's League final against PSG.  Wow.  I didn't look at their team, out of fear, and just put our best side out and told them to play without pressure.  Amazingly we took the lead early, doubled it with a nice break and though they got a goal back quickly they actually had trouble getting shots on target and a third goal before half time settled the nerves.  The second half was more of the same, with us actually dominating chances, and with no further scoring we'd won the CL!

I have to say though that I was very tempted to quit at this point, and maybe play in Austria (a lot of news items about Austria and LASK Linz's performance against us piqued my interest).  Ultimately, though, I did stay with some worries.  Our stars all renegotiated their contracts, and they are now on big money.  If we don't go deep in the CL I think our financial model won't work, but I had no option.  I've set reasonable (I think) release clauses for the stars.  I am treading a tightrope with the board now though ... If the stars leave and we don't get a lot of CL prizemoney I think I'll be sacked.  Still, there's always Austria :-)

P34 W29 D5 L2 +88 1/18 by 14points GD improvement came from only conceding 13goals all season.

Players in:  6 for $17.75m
Players out:  14 for $31.5m
03-08-2019, 01:07 PM
Wow. Amazing. Well done. Mrgreen
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
05-08-2019, 08:54 AM
That's a cracking season!
21-08-2019, 08:17 PM
Season 56 - 2066/67 - Balıkesirspor - Turkish Premier Division

I was a bit worried entering this season.  Our wage bill was now almost double the next highest in the TPD, and our ground is a similar size to the other big teams.  I think this is unsustainable.  I'd like to think we could sell a few stars but no-one was putting in any bids.  I decided to play through this season, see how the finances looked, and then decide what to do.  If it feels as though I can't really sell the crown jewels then I'll have to resign and move to Austria or South America perhaps.  The ground cannot be expanded any further.

A moderate preseason led into a Turkish Super Cup win over Galatasaray 3-1 (n), but then we played our weakest game of the season in a tame 0-2 European Super Cup loss to Fiorentina (Italy) 0-2 (n).

The Premier League was relatively straightforward, we were just very good and ended up going 29-4-1.  Good rotation and good performances from the backups.  Fenerbahçe came second but got their revenge by knocking us out of the Turkish Cup in the semi final.

For some reason we also played in the World Club Championship, and beat Wydad Casablanca (Morocco) 4-0 (n) and then Tigres (Mexico) 1-0 (n) to win it.

The Champions League was touch-and-go.  In a tough group withe Olympiakos (Greece), Man City (England) and Celtic (Scotland), we qualified first and drew Valencia (Spain) in the first KO round.  Beat them 9-2 (agg) but suffered a couple of key injuries and one suspension that hurt us later on.
2KO was against Girondins Bordeaux (France) and we could only draw 1-1 (h) and were easily second best in France but were lucky/clinical in a 2-0 (a) win.
Semi final was against Tottenham (England) and again we could only draw the home leg, this time 2-2 (h).  The away leg was even worse but scored from a set piece and a breakaway from their corner to win 2-1 (a) and through.  
The final against Arsenal (England) who had overcome a 4-0 first leg deficit in their semi final (odd - see last season) was set to be tough but we scored on both our chances in an even first half, then kept going in the second to eventually win 5-0 (n) - the game was nothing like that though.

So we repeated as Champions League winners, though we could have gone out easily in 2KO.

And after the season was done we lost money.  Selling out the ground every week, going almost all the way in every competition and we lost money.  So I put up all the stars for sale to reduce our wage budget.  I thought I might get fired because some of them were only mid-20s, not even at their prime, but our budget can't be to win the CL each year.  

P34 W29 D4 L1 +90 1/18 7pts clear of Fenerbahçe.

Players in: 3 for $30m
Players out:  7 for $140m

I felt justified when a couple of the stars went to far richer clubs than us (Chelsea, Barcelona) and were on the same wages they were with us.  No wonder we couldn't afford them ...
21-08-2019, 08:44 PM
I'd hazard a guess at you being in the CWC because you won a continental competition... Mrgreen

Another great season, interesting to see what happens next. Would you look towards one of the bigger leagues?
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
26-08-2019, 12:35 PM
Just a casual Champions League defence then... :o

Well bloody done.

Currently managing: Kazincbarcika Sports Club, Hungarian Division I
27-08-2019, 09:58 PM
Season 57 - 2067/68 - Balıkesirspor - Turkish Premier Division

Success has ruined the club.  Not really of course, the two stars above the badge can be a source of pride for a long time.  Last season established that the limit for a true global superstar is around the $200k/wk mark.  Run-of-the-mill players decided that they were worth 3/4 of that.

For example, Mini, a nice but replaceable DM who came through the reserves and should have been here his whole career, thought he was worth $135k/wk and wouldn't budge.  I had to let him go on a free.  He signs for Altay.  For $10k/wk.  Wow.  I guess there isn't a mechanism for 'testing the waters' of what deals might be available elsewhere and agreeing to something more reasonable where you are.  The exodus continued … and even so we were only just #2 in salary.

So I have to rebuild the squad now looking to new players to be more reasonable.  It's a shame, it really is.

 Lost the Turkish Super Cup to Galatasaray (1-3 (n), a poor performance, but then came back and won the European Super Cup over Juventus (4-2 (n)) in what I hope is more like us, the new us that is.

The league went well, only losing once to Trabzonspor (0-1 (a)) but solid elsewhere.

The Champions League was a bit tight in a group with Blackburn (England), old club Siena (Italy) and Dortmund (Germany).  Halfway through it was anyone's group to win, but then we lost unluckily in a very even game 1-2 (a) at Dortmund, then 1-2(a) again after having a DC sent off at Blackburn meaning we had to beat Siena and have Dortmund beat Blackburn in the final game.  In the end, neither happened.  We couldn't put Siena away in an all-action 3-3 (h) draw that was no good for either of us, and Siena pipped us to 3rd so we dropped straight out at the Group Stage.

The Turkish went OK until we lost to Fenerbahçe in the Final 1-2 (n).

Overall not too bad, we made money I think (just) and are in the middle of the rebuild.  I have thought about what makes sense going forward (including going to a better league (or possibly a worse league like Austria), but I owe it to the club to fix this mess we're in now.  I want to get wages down to a comfortable 3rd or 4th highest, since we have no option to expand the stadium, only to buy one and we don't have the money for that.  So we're looking for a few good reserves to come through, poaching young prospects from the rest of the league and strengthening where we can reasonably elsewhere.  

P34 W28 D5 L1 +82 1/18 by 4points from Fenerbahçe

Players in:  6 for $31m
Players out:  11 for $43m

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