Update for FM'16 Baht Well Down in Leicester
10-04-2017, 04:31 PM
Sounds good. Hopefully you can stay up and establish yourselves. Sounds like you have a good thing going with this team!
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13-04-2017, 08:04 PM
Well done on another promotion, this time to the Championship. I know you're not one for job hopping in a save Deus but is your performance with Barwell linking you with any larger clubs?
13-04-2017, 10:29 PM
I got a little interest from Stoke but they went with someone else before offering me anything. I may not have a choice in the matter though considering I have 1 win in the first 10 games.
25-05-2017, 12:24 AM
[Image: q6Fug0m.png]

Season 11 (2026/27): Championship
Prediction: 24th (of 24)
Expectation: Attempt to Avoid Relegation

Transfer: £1.31M
Wage: 45.5k/w

In: 12 for 800k (3 loan for 160k)
Out: 9 for 285k (5 loan for £0)

My best CB immediately threw a wobbly so I had to ship him out for 120k but thankfully the scouts came up with a number of bargins as replacements. The direct replacement at CB came in from Auxurre for a measly 45k and at 19 is already as good as the guy he’s replacing. Then Juice came back on loan, though we had to pay for the privilege this time, Bottle joined us permanently for 100k and we raided now L2 Sunderland for another 100k striker. Finally we brought in another DC/R for 90k, a greek CM for 45k, a LB on a free and a starting LW on loan from Tottenham.

We didn’t start off too bad, drawing the first, losing the second to a late own goal and then thrashing Reading 3-0 despite picking up a 14th minute red card. Everything quickly fell apart from there though. A single point in 8 games pinned us into the relegation zone, as the gulf in class began to tell and our defence fell apart. After a 5-0 thrashing by Birmingham I resolved to completely alter my tactics and it actually worked for once as we conceded just once in the next 5 games, to runaway leaders Wolves, and picked up two wins in the process. In fact, we only lost twice in the next 9, both 1-0s to the top two in the table, and going into the new year we were just 3 points off safety. Frustratingly, everyone around us picked up form too so we were still 23rd but the  table was ridiculously close so we were only 5 points off 14th and 9 points off 9th. We continued to pick up points from odd wins but so did the entire rest of the relegation zone and we just couldn’t get out of 23rd It took until the end of January to emerge from relegation for a single game before a run of bad results dropped us to last after 24th placed Charlton went on a crazy run of form.

With 5 to play we had managed to haul ourselves up to 21st, 2 points clear of relegation, with Fleetwood, Burton and Birmingham below us. We then played Fleetwood away and looked to be taking a comfortable point until an agonising 92nd minute header robbed us of the point and put Fleetwood ahead of us. Next was Burton though and a huge win put us a point outside relegation once more. 70 minutes in against Brentford and we were struggling to hold on to a 0-0 draw whilst Fleetwood, Bristol City, Birmingham and Burton were all winning. I threw caution to the wind and brought on juice at a corner and with his first touch of the game he got free in the box to leather home a first time volley. 3 clear. A respectable draw against 3rd placed Swansea maintained the gap and effectively kept us up thanks to our goal difference as all 4 teams below us would need to win whilst we lost to go down. We did lose the last but thankfully so did 2 of the 4 below us and we finished in 20th.

Final Table:
[Image: yNz9Jr6.jpg?1]

Finally won a league cup game then drew much bigger teams. Not worth paying attention to.

FA Cup: 3rd Round
0-1 (H) Chelsea

League Cup: 2nd Round
5-0 (A) Barnsley
0-5 (H) Newcastle

Despite all the ups and downs, we did exactly what we needed to do this season, survive. It was a close run thing right up to the end and for the first half of the season I thought we had no chance but we kept picking up points and grinding out results. That the points totals for relegation were insane didn’t help either. Previously no-one had gone down with more than 49 points and the three relegated teams had totals of 47, 50 and 51 points this year. Hopefully the same performance next year should see us a bit safer and without the slump at the start we might make mid-table.

The new Striker from Sunderland took the top scorer with 17 but Bottle was the only other to make double figures in a pretty goal-sparse season. Starfish and the loaned youngster from Tottenham performed well on the wings and the Greek CM also deserves a mention but the rest were all just a bit average to be honest.

Financially the Championship has been a huge boost though. The TV deal kept us pretty much afloat bar transfer fees and the 5M solidarity windfall at the end of the season left us with a £4 million profit. 1.5M of that immediately went into upgrading the youth and training facilities to something better than a set of training nets and some cones. Frustratingly though, our budget for next year was set before we got the windfall and I haven’t been able to increase it over summer, despite having 2.5M sat in the bank and a desperate need to improve the squad.

Average Attendance: 3587 (+1297)

Finances: +4.3M
Balance: +4.55M

[Image: dF40eCJ.png]
25-05-2017, 12:29 PM
Just caught up with this from start to finish. Amazing story.
26-05-2017, 08:31 PM
Well done Deus on keeping above the Bar,,, just

27-05-2017, 02:43 PM
Barwell in the championship, and surviving in the championship. Fantastic work that man.

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03-06-2017, 01:56 AM
[Image: q6Fug0m.png]
Season 12 (2027/28): Championship
Prediction: 23rd (of 24)
Expectation: Avoid Relegation

Transfer: £401k
Wage: 69k/w

In: 8 for 504k (5 loan for £0)
Out: 9 for 217k (1 loan for £0)

This summer was an ordeal of trying to squeeze as much out of the budget as possible. First I managed to get in Juice on a free and a decent CM also on a free from Swansea whilst, Döppel, the LM from Spurs came back for another season on loan. A couple of players left over from the L1/L2 days left for bits of money here and there, which allowed us to bring in an Italian RW for 120k, a DM from L2 Crawley for 350k and a backup striker from France for 35k. That drained the last of our funds but we did manage to bring in a great first team DM from hearts on loan as well as backup at LB and LM.

We managed to pick up where we left off and then improve upon it as we flew out of the gates, notching up 4 wins in the first 7 and managing half our points total from last season in just 13 games. That performance actually left us top, albeit of a very tight league with most of the top half within a few points, and we managed to maintain it for a couple of weeks but ultimately it wouldn’t last and our first bad run, 3 points in 6 games, dropped us down the table a bit. 3 wins on the bounce arrested that slide before we started getting hit with injury after injury after injury. First it went after our only two decent CBs, leaving an 8 game spell in which we couldn’t field our best pairing and 3 where we couldn’t field either of them. At the other end of the field it also took out Juice for 3 weeks, who is crucial to the way we play, and every other striker was out for at least two weeks at some point. That resulted in an incredibly frustrating five 1-0 losses and three 1-1 draws as we just couldn’t put a performance together and dropped us down to mid-table, threatening to pull us into the bottom half. As the players came back we stabilised but a couple more injuries, including Juice again, meant we couldn't push back up the table and we ended 12th.

Final Table:
[Image: 23OdQx6.jpg?1]

Pretty decent League Cup run, beating PRM Watford and playing well against Spurs followed by an embarrassing loss to L2 Colchester in the FA Cup.

FA Cup: 3rd Round
0-2 (H) Colchester

League Cup: 4th Round
1-0 (H) Bristol Rovers
1-0e(H) Watford
0-0 (A) AFC Wimbledon (4-2 on penalties)
0-1 (A) Tottenham

Truly a tale of two halves, this season. The first was fantastic and it seemed like we could take on anyone, the second was dismal and we could barely string passes together. We did start building up some good performances again in the last few days but we need to avoid that slump next season or we may find ourselves in the relegation mire without a similarly good start.

What that run did show though was just how key two of our players are. Firstly Juice up top proved how necessary he is for our build-up by how toothless we looked without him. He also finished as our top scorer with 15 in another rubbish season for goalscoring, Bottle being the only other player to make double figures. At the other end, Pirelli was the key man in defence, sweeping up balls left and right and generally stopping opposition strikers from bullying us out of games. His absences coincided with our worst performances and unfortunately he was absent far too much in the second half of the season. Arnie, the CM/AMC we picked up from Swansea, was worth a mention too with some fantastic performances towards the end of the year and Ellie, the 120k Italian RW, was a highlight of the first half until he broke his foot.

The solidarity payment went straight into training and youth facilities (costing 1.4M) but the increase in wages, plus the money spent on facilities last summer, meant we actually made a 500k loss this year. Money for signings is once again going to be none existent so we’ll have to rely on bringing in frees and loans while maintaining the team we have. I’m pretty happy treading water for a few years in order to build the club and facilities up to Championship standard and I think that even if we did try to invest in players, rather than the club, we wouldn’t be ready for the premiership at all on our budget. I would be much happier sitting in mid-table for a few years, getting some decent training and youth facilities, and maybe building a new stadium in a few years (still at 5,000 capacity at the moment). We also had a takeover bid right at the start of the transfer window but it fell apart in about a week.

Average Attendance: 3555 (-32)

Finances: -504k
Balance: +4.05M

[Image: nMVPOgW.png]
05-06-2017, 08:31 PM
I'm sure if you were offered 12th place before a ball had been kicked you would have taken it like a shot. Unfortunately it seems that your early season over achievement made the 12th place a little disappointing but as you say you have discovered what needs to be done to make a more consistent push towards the top of the Championship.
06-06-2017, 07:29 AM
Good half season, but as you said your team is no way near being in premier. Investing youths its good way to go, either to get good 1st team players for or sell them for big money.

06-06-2017, 09:57 AM
The Championship is such a hard slog with a smaller team - the difference between 6th and 16th tends to be tiny. KUTGW, you're succeeding brilliantly Smile
22-06-2017, 03:18 PM
[Image: q6Fug0m.png]

Season 13 (2028/29): Championship
Prediction: 19th (of 24)
Expectation: Avoid Relegation Battle

In: 11 for 585k (2 loan for £0)
Out: 2 for 23.5k (18 loan for £0)

Transfer: £0
Wage: 111k

Once more we were left with not a lot of money to spread around so we mainly relied on frees and loans. This primarily consisted of backup/prospect youngsters with 5 good youngsters coming in that weren’t ready for first team football yet but we also brought in backup at CB, LB and GK. Döppel came back on loan at LM again and was joined for competition by a young Norwegian from Villa. Our only actual money went on a CM playmaker from Swansea (again) for 400k and then 170k on a GK in January.

Similar to last season, we kicked off to a fantastic start in the league, winning 4 of the first 5 to put us 2nd before thrashing recently relegated West Brom 3-0 to go top. From there we generally led the pack in a very tight top half and good results kept us in the fight for 1st, even periodically going top. Once again it wasn’t to last though and we last topped the table at the start of December before an awful run of just 1 win and 7 points in 10 games dropped us from 1st to 12th and had me on the verge of firing the whole damn team. We managed to stabilise through a couple of back to back wins which pushed us right back up to 4th again but we couldn’t maintain it and dropped back down to finish a respectable 10th.

Final Table:
[Image: 0IGmEWV.jpg?1]

Nothing of note in the cups. Expected loss to VIlla, stupid loss to L1 Torquay.

FA Cup: 3rd Round
1-4 (H) Aston Villa

League Cup: 2nd Round
3-1aet (A) Milwall
2-3 (H) Torquay

As expected, another season of consolidation and i’m putting a 7 point improvement with very little money spent down as a success in my book. The frees and cheap transfers are slowly improving the squad and if we can just stop trying to emulate Arsenal’s yearly post January slump then we’d have a good chance of pushing on to the playoffs.

I finally put my faith in Arnie to play a key CM role rather than his natural AMC and he rewarded me in spades, averaging a fantastic 7.65 over the year. That also brought his value up to a whopping 6.75M and forced me to put a 10M release clause into his new contract but if anyone is willing to meet that then I’m happy for him to go. Bottle and Juice were once again my best strikers, chipping in with 21 and 15 respectively whilst Narco, the 100k striker from sunderland 2 seasons ago, also chipped in with 12 but was pretty awful through most of the season.

In terms of the finances, that board takeover that had been looming for the past few seasons finally happened in April and the board took out a loan to bring us back into the black then immediately announced that they would be replacing me. Evidently my handsome good looks and gruff yorkshire charm were too much to resist though as a week later they decided that they’d been persuaded to keep me on instead. Looking to take advantage whilst the going was good, immediately jumped into a meeting and got them to agree to building a new 10,000 seat stadium (which will take 1 1/2 years of planning) and a brand new 3 year contract. At the end of the season they also went and stuck an extra 2.4M cash injection into the club, which I immediately put 1.6m of into new youth facilities, to give us a healthy profit. I think I like the new guys.

Average Attendance: 4017 (+462)

Finances: +3.74M
Balance: +8.19M

[Image: iEBb8zm.png]
24-06-2017, 04:13 PM
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
07-07-2017, 10:46 AM
[Image: q6Fug0m.png]

Season 14 (2029/30): Championship
Prediction: 17th (of 24)
Expectation: Mid Table

In: 10 for 1.33M (3 loan for 308k)
Out: 9 for 7.89M (5 loan for £0)

Transfer: 300k
Wage: 130k

The rise in my player’s value over the last year finally meant that I actually had a bit of manoeuvrability in the transfer market. My initial budget went on a young German LB from Bayern for 160k who’s about as good as the last guy and will hopefully grow into the role. I then brought in another German at RB for a 300k loan fee before an Italian backup ST i’d brought in on a free went out for 1M and I cashed in on Ellie for 2.1M so I could bring in a better replacement. That came in the form of Maiden who arrived for 300k from Blackburn and the extra went on Kingdom, a better CB than my current for 500k from Ipswich. I also brought in double loans at LM again with the Norwegian Youngster returning and a new french winger arriving for practically free wages. A few other backups went out and I thought I was done until the board went over my head for the first time in the save and accepted a £4.9M offer from Dumbarton for my second best (now third best) CB who had arrived from Auxurre for a measly 44k 3 years ago. I was more than happy to take that and his replacement, Maya, cost only 450k from Brentford for arguably a better player. We weren’t finished yet though as on deadline day my scouts picked up an incredible 22yo Argentinian GK that’s apparently a good player for most Premiership sides with room still to improve and I snapped him straight up. He immediately became my most valuable player at 7M and as a bonus I even managed to offload my old Italian GK to Roma before the deadline too.

Yet again we shot out of the blocks, winning 4 of the first 5, only to not win any of the next 5 leaving us 10th. I played with the tactics a little and that seemed to sort us out out as a 4-1 thrashing of newly-promoted Coventry inspired us to win 7 of the next 8, losing only to leaders Wigan. That run took us 3rd and although results levelled out after that we managed to retain a playoff spot until mid-January where we dropped out briefly following a 2-1 loss to dead last Burnley. Another couple of good wins got us back to 5th, playing some beautiful football, and with 8 to play that was where we sat on 67 points. Wigan had pulled out an insane lead of 24 points down to Brighton in second but after that it was a 5 way fight between ourselves, Brighton, Swansea, Sheff Utd and AFC Wimbledon, all within 3 points, for the last promotion place, with a 4 point gap to Reading in 7th. Unfortunately we had an awful run-in, playing every single other member of the top 8 before finishing up away at Leicester. We sneaked an undeserved point against Swansea and then put in possibly our best performance of the season to dominate Wigan 2-1, who were on 18 unbeaten with 15 wins since December. Two more wins against Plymouth and AFC Wimbledon gave us belief and left us 4th, 1 point behind Sheff Utd in 2nd, but a loss to Brighton meant we essentially had to beat Sheff Utd in the penultimate game to keep our hopes alive. A drab 1-1 draw dropped us to 5th, albeit only 2 points behind 2nd, but a 1-0 loss to Leicester on the final day confined us to the playoffs.

Playoff Semi:

League Table:

Awful performance in the League Cup to go out to Millwall, could have won the FA Cup game at Ipswich but not that bothered about going out there.

FA Cup: 4th Round
1-0 (H) Hartlepool
1-2 (H) Ipswich

League Cup: 1st Round
1-3 aet (A) Millwall

This year was the best football i’ve ever seen us play and even playing against the other promotion chasers we never looked out of our depth or vastly outmatched. What we did struggle with was holding onto leads whilst dominating games as so many times we were 1-0 or 2-0 up and the opposition would hit us on the break to draw or nab a win. With a few more points from those matches we might be able to push on but we had a couple of good runs this year that might be hard to emulate so I’ll be aiming for the playoffs again next year with the vague hope of challenging for direct promotion.

Arnie got even better this year, averaging 7.91 over the whole season and adding a few goals to his repertoire too. Bottle and Juice took top scorers again with 19 and 14 respectively followed by Narco with 10 but both of the wingers put in contributions this year, notching 9 goals each. Maiden was probably the second best player on the team, swinging in killer crosses all season but unfortunately his good form made him throw a strop in the middle of the playoffs. He’s tied down for another 2 years but we’ll have to see what happens going forward. Kingdom and Maya did well at the back, bar a few early mistakes, and helped by Pirelli when needed. The new full backs also performed admirably but I’m a little worried about being able to replace the Bayern RB loanee as I doubt i’ll be able to get him back. Finally Cabal, the Argentinian GK, was an absolute rock between the posts and is proving well worth the nothing I paid for him. Barca are still listed as interested but it’ll take 10M to nab him from us and I think we can replace him for that.

Frustratingly everything that seemed great at the start of the season has rather fallen apart. We did get promised a Youth upgrade in November costing 2M but come May that was cancelled with no sign of a return of the £2M spent on it. Furthermore the stadium was also cancelled, citing a lack of money despite having £2M in the bank. That’s a big issue as our capacity is still only 5,000 and without extra income then we simply cannot push on and start offering wages that compete with the rest of the division. As it is then we’re barely keeping up with our wage expenditure whilst having the second lowest budget in the league. As a result I’m going to forego all other improvements to concentrate solely on the stadium and possibly look to make a bit of profit in the transfer market to help us out too.

Average Attendance: 3990 (-27)

Finances: -1.45M
Balance: +6.48M

[Image: qObyF30.png]
07-07-2017, 09:07 PM
You do realise that the away goal rule isn't used in the playoffs don't you?

but well done, good to see you've made the step into the playoffs.
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
07-07-2017, 11:38 PM
Good stuff man, good luck going forward!
10-07-2017, 10:26 AM
(07-07-2017, 09:07 PM)JD95 aka Fidsy Jr. Wrote: You do realise that the away goal rule isn't used in the playoffs don't you?

but well done, good to see you've made the step into the playoffs.

I did not...
Well at least i'll know for next time I guess.
13-12-2017, 12:02 AM
[Image: q6Fug0m.png]

Season 15 (2030/31): Championship
Prediction: 9th (of 24)
Expectation: Top Half

In: 14 for 2.07M (2 loan for £0)
Out: 4 for 725k (23 loan for £0))

Transfer: £1.8M
Wage: £155k

We started out with the free transfers again, with two young prospects arriving before my Turkish LB and Northern Irish GK went out for a combined 540k. This gave us the wage budget to bring in a first team CB, RB and a CM almost as good as Arnie, all on frees. Finally we used our first decent transfer budget in ages to splash out 750k, rising to 1.3M on a 22yo LM from Liverpool and an 18yo Zimbabwean ST for 525k, rising to 1.6M from Millwall who looks like he’ll be a star of the future. 

We started decently but not amazingly, taking 12 points from the first 7 games before 5 wins on the trot catapulted us into 1st. Ourselves and Leicester pulled out a bit of a lead and at the end of November we played them in a 1st vs 2nd matchup that we came out of 3-1 up thanks to a hat-trick from Narco. We couldn’t capitalise though, and mediocre results over December and the new year kept us in touch but not quite top. Leicester’s form also dropped but Ipswich came onto the scene, so in late January we had another 1st vs 2nd match. This one we lost 2-1 to send Ipswich 4 clear. We matched them blow for blow for a few games before the FA cup gave us a game in hand and Ipswich lost a few to bring us level on points with that extra game in hand. Thankfully we won that game in hand to go 3 clear in a 3 man race for the title. An 85th minute 1-0 loss to QPR, followed by a 0-0 draw against Wolves left us only a point clear with 7 to play but our own 90+2 penalty gave us a last gasp win against Carlisle. We followed that with a 5-0 thrashing of Newcastle and then had to throw everything at Sheff Wed to salvage a draw from 2-0 down whilst both Leicester and Ipswich lost. That left us 4 points clear of Leicester and let Sheff Utd into the running, also 4 points behind, who had won their last 6 in a row, with 4 to play. Leicester were up next. A battling 2-2 draw kept Leicester 4 behind and losses for Sheff Utd and Ipswich dropped them further behind. A convincing 4-1 against Leeds maintained the gap, though unfortunately relegated Leeds, and though we could only manage another 2-2 draw in the penultimate game, Leicester shat the bed with a 5-0 loss to QPR! Champions!

Final Table:

Decent run in the League Cup and managed to force Man Utd into extra time with a great performance but they just had too much in the end. In the FA cup though we had our best run in years. We needed a replay to beat Oldham, after an awful start meant we had to come back from 3-0 down in the first game, but we then put it an incredible performance to beat Man City at home and then beat QPR away despite a 22nd minute red card. Chelsea would finally prove too much for us but a battling 2-1 still did us proud.

FA Cup: 6th Round
3-3 (A) Oldham
4-1 (H) Oldham (replay)
1-0 (H) Man City
1-0 (A) QPR
1-2 (A) Chelsea

League Cup: 3rd round
1-0 (H) MK Dons
2-1 (H) Charlton
2-4 aet (A) Man Utd

After the football of the last two seasons I do finally believe we have the ability to make the step up and the cups this season showed that we can mix it with the big boys and even beat them on our day. We will 100% need to strengthen, especially in defence but that sweet sweet premiership money will mean I can finally offer those bigger contracts I’ve been holding back from. The aim will simply be staying up and nothing more, anything else is a bonus. In terms of other jobs I did actually get offered the Australia job but I felt the constant 12 hour flights wouldn’t exactly be realistic whilst still managing in England so I turned it down.

Arnie smashed the Championship average rating record with an 8.00 over 34 games and deservedly made the team of the year for the third season in a row. Bottle meanwhile had a great year to contribute 26 goals, even with a 2 month injury, and Stone, signed last season on a free from Leicester, also broke the 20 goal mark with 21. Juice only managed 11 goals this season but did contribute 17 assists whilst Narco got 12. Maiden was also fighting at the top of the average ratings board and Terry, the 22yo Brazilian LM notched up a couple of cracking goals at important times.

Promotion immediately gave us a transfer and wage budget increase to 21M and 400k/w, over double what we were spending currently. More importantly, it also finally forced the board into agreeing to build a new stadium as Kirkby Road Sports Complex doesn’t meet Premiership regulations. They did say they were deferring the expansion requirement for a year so I’m not sure if that means we’ll be playing at Kirkby Road next season (the whole 5,006 capacity!) or playing elsewhere. As we were promoted we didn’t get the solidarity payment so actually made a 6 million loss over the season but as soon as we were promoted we were promised 90 million just in TV revenue so I don’t think it will be too much of an issue.

Average Attendance: 4369 (+379)

Finances: -6.08M
Balance: +398k

[Image: WmWboqO.png]
13-12-2017, 05:54 PM
UNfortunately relegated Leeds? Mrgreen

Great work there. Can't wait to see how it pans out.
(15-02-2018, 10:50 PM)Rodderas Wrote: Maybe this upset the team? Fucked if I know.

[Image: Ln8uvbH.png]
21-12-2017, 02:14 PM
[Image: q6Fug0m.png]

Season 16 (2031/32): Premier League
Prediction: 19th (of 20)
Expectation: Avoid Relegation

In: 13 for £41.6M
Out: 8 for £19.13M (29 loan for £0)

Transfer: £21M
Wage: £400k

With the step up to the Premier League we needed to bring in a bit more quality. Thankfully we’d been given a tasty budget of 21M and over doubling our wage budget to 400k/w up from 155k/w. First came a great english striker from Reading for a measly 750k because he’d just hit 30, followed by some big money put into the defensive line. 6.25M went on a top class english CB from Man City with bags of potential before 5M on a new LB, 2.2M on a Thai CB from Southampton and 3M on a Congolese RB from QPR to complete the new look back line. Finally 1M went on a new RM, 350k on a backup GK and 750k on a CM, who I couldn’t resist for that price even though we’re rather stacked in attacking CM, for a total of 19.3M spending. To compensate for that out went Narco, Maya and Pirelli at CB, Our Spanish DM, a backup RB and finally Starfish moved on after 6 years at the club, all for a total of 4.1M

We kicked off in the best way possible, going 3-0 up within the hour at home to Watford and even held on for a 3-2 win. Unfortunately that would be our only win in the league until the end of November when we finally beat Forest 3-1. At that point we were sat 19th and things were looking pretty dire but further wins against Bournemouth and Palace managed to haul us out of relegation. A few more losses were punctuated by a 90th minute 1-0 win against Arsenal to claim our first really big scalp. Christmas was a bit shit but we won 4 on the trot in January to send us up to 9th so of course we then lost 3 in a row. With 8 to play we were sat pretty safely in 11th with a couple of easy games then a run of 4 tough matches to finish. We lost to West Ham before drawing against Hull, and winning the other two easy games. Only then we went and played Man City off the park to win 3-1. Then we did the same to Arsenal, also 3-1. Then title-challenging Everton. Finally on the last day we were sat in 7th with Arsenal 2 points above us and we went on to thrash Villa 3-0 Whilst Arsenal lost. 6th. We were in freaking Europe in our first season in the premier league.

Final Table:

Cups: The League Cup came during our worst run of form so nothing to speak of but the FA Cup took us to the quarter finals for the second year in a row. Finally starting to make some headway.

FA Cup: 6th Round
1-0 (A) Crystal Palace
1-0 (A) Southampton
2-0 (A) Exeter
2-3 (A) Aston Villa

League Cup: 3rd Round
2-1 (H) Exeter
0-2 (A) Newcastle

For most of the season we were fighting, though fighting well, against relegation but at the end of the season everything just clicked and we were able to turn on the style against even the top teams. Part of the early slump was definitely my fault tactically so I’m hoping without that, a few improvements to the team, and probably without the insane run at the end then we’ll be able to stay comfortably mid-table/ top half but I do not mind at all if we don’t manage to break Europe again.

Unfortunately Arnie, Bottle and Juice weren’t really able to make the step up and fell by the wayside this year. In their places were Stone, Squigley (the 30yo ST from reading) and SOB (the 750k Egyptian CM). It was the defence that really shone through though, with Hotel (The english CB from Man City) and Delphi (The Thai CB) providing fantastic coverage to nullify even some of the best sides coming up against us. The Midfield was a bit more changeable as there were 4 players fighting over the two CM spots and I brought in another defensive sweeper type in January to make it 5 swapping two spots. Terry also decided he had to leave in January so he went out for 15M to Chelsea where he made a grand total of 1 appearance in the rest of the season. That 15M went straight into his replacement Shay though, who came in from QPR and performed better than Terry for the rest of the season frankly.

Not only did we have to play all our Home games at Kirkby Road this year but in the league we were only allowed to use the seated sections which meant that we have probably set a record low that will never be beaten of 2,000 Average attendance. The new stadium doesn’t even get built until the end of next season so we’ll have another season of exactly the same next year which is utterly ridiculous. Thankfully with our low wages and the piles of TV money we didn’t really need the attendance money as we wound up making an insane 52M profit over the year. We did get an agreement for both Training and Youth upgrades but again, not to be started until the end of the year. 

Average Attendance: 2149 (-2220)

Finances: +52.03M
Balance: +52.43M

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