Bulgarian League Structure

In Bulgaria there’re 2 tiers in the game. The only playable tier for LLaMas is the 2nd tier called B Grupa (B Group). B Grupa consists of 2 independent geographic based divisions :
Iztochna B Grupa (Eastern B Group)
Zapadna B Grupa (Western B Group)
Both groups have 16 participating teams. The season has 30 matches. The winners of each group gain automatic promotion to A Group. The teams finished in 2nd place play each other in promotion playoff. The match takes plays on neutral ground. The bottom two teams in each B Group are relegated to the third flight (V Group). They’re replaced by the winners of the 4 V Groups. A Group is the top flight in Bulgarian football. Every year 3 teams are relegated to B Group.

From Season 2010-2011
Bulgarian Football Union reduces the number of teams in the 2nd tier B Group
The two B Groups will have 12 teams each. Teams have to play each other 3 times. The 2 winners will go up to A Group. The two runner-up will me meet in single leg play-off. The winner of this play-off will play the 14th team from A Group to determine the final spot in A Group in a single match. 15th and 16th from A Group automatically go down to B Group.

FUTURE: There are plans for unification of the 2 B Groups because of the bad financial status of the teams of B Group – many of them withdraw from last year’s competition because they cannot pay their players and failed to obtain professional football licence.

Source: Vass