The lowest playable league in Germany is now the 3rd Liga. It replaced the regionalliga in 2008-09. It is composed of 20 teams, with a mixture of semi-pro and pro teams. It also contains the 2nd teams from some of the giants of German football. It is a nice simple format with the top 2 promoted, bottom 3 relegated. 3rd place gets you a play-off with the 2nd Bundesliga team finishing one place above relegation. The 2nd teams of the big teams can not be promoted any higher than this, so if you were to finish 3rd behind Bayern 2 and Stuttgart 2, you in fact would be promoted. Below is a map of the current clubs competing for 3 Liga glory.

Source: Lencer@wikipedia.

Match Rules

No more than 3 non-EU players in the squad. At least 4 German u-23’s in the squad and no more than 3 players over the age of 23. You are not able to sign non EU players from outside Germany. In short, it’s a very German league!

Author: William McBeard