Iceland (FM07)

2 divisions modeled – Premier Division (10 teams) and First Division (12 teams).

Leagues are standard play-everyone-twice systems, top two in IFD win promotion, bottom two in IPD are relegated.

IPD winners get £12k, and entry into Q2 of the CL. Finishing 2nd or winning the Icelandic Cup gets you into the Qualifying stages of the EURO cup/vase (this is likely to be different in 09 with the Europa Cup).

There are a few cups. The Champions Cup features IPD winners vs Icelandic Cup winners, much like the Community Shield in England. The Icelandic Cup is very similar to the FA Cup, with non-league teams in the early rounds and higher IPD teams phased in. 7 rounds overall.

The Upper and Lower League Cups are the best early season cups ever invented. They count for nothing really, there are groups of 8 to start with (play each other once only) and you get to use 5/7 substitutes per game. No need for any more preseason friendlies since you can rotate your squad through semi-meaningful games. They occur right at the start of the season, as you’d want.

Most teams start semi-pro, especially in IFD. Scouting starts off limited to Iceland which is quite restrictive, but you need Icelandic players since you must have 4/25 of your European squad be homegrown and 4 to have had 2 years of training in the country before the age of 21 (this may be different in FM09).

Source: The Good Doctor