Malaysian football is split into two playable leagues;

Liga Super

and  the lowest playable,

Liga Premier

The top 2 teams from the Liga Premier are promoted to the top division, the bottom two from each division are relegated. Simples!

The leagues each contain 14 teams, making them fairly swift 26 game seasons.

No foreign players are allowed, and 1 u-20 must be included in the starting 11. 7 subs named, 3 used.

Every 3 yellow cards= 1 match suspension, Red=3 matches.



been held as a league format in recent years, but on the game functions as a straight forward knock out competition, in the first round the clubs can include non league teams.

The Malaysia Cup starts as a home and away group stage of 3 groups, totalling 10 matches. Top two go through to the Quarter Finals, which, along with the Semi Finals are tow legged affairs with no away goals. The final reverts to a one off match.

There is very little money here, with the most expensive transfers coming in under 100k.

Author: William McBeard