Tiers – S-League.

Cup competitions – The Singapore Cup.

Other competitions – None.


The S-League was formed in 1996 and isn’t generally recognised as being all that strong.  Indeed, outside of the top-four clubs it would be fair to say that quality is thin on the ground.  The FA of Singapore have taken the unusual step of including a team of their own in the competition, Young Lions being made up of the vast majority of the nations under-23 international side.


The S-League is made up of twelve clubs who play each other three times between early-March and mid-November.  The transfer window in Singapore only opens once but it remains open for a long time (the last Wednesday in October to the last weekend in June).  In terms of foreign player restrictions, squads must contain no more than four foreign players though all of these may be named in the match day squad (seven substitutes may be named, but only three used).

Points are awarded in the standard way (3 for a win, 1 for a draw) with tied teams being split based on the following criteria:

* Goal difference
* Goals scored

At the end of the season the bottom club is relegated from the S-League.

Any player being shown either four yellow cards or a single red card will suffer a one match ban.

Singapore Cup.

The Singapore Cup takes place throughout April and June and consists of just four rounds.  The tournament begins with a Preliminary Round in which ten of the twelve S-League clubs are drawn alongside two other sides in a one-off knockout match.  Standard league rules govern the make up of the match day squad and any game finishing level after 90 minutes will be settled by extra time and penalties.  Both the Quarter and Semi-Finals are played over two-legs and the away goals rule is used in any games that are tied.  Should the match still be level, extra time and penalties will be used.  The Final reverts to a one-off match format.

Players receiving two yellow cards or a single red card in cup matches face a one-match ban.