Hanover Park


Full name Hanover Park Football Club
Founded N/A
Ground Vygieskraal Stadium, Cape Town
Capacity N/A (in FM08 the capacity is 750)


Hanover Park is a South African association football club based in Hanover Park, Cape Town that participates in the National First Divsion, Coastal Stream. The Cape Flats club won promotion to the National First Division in the 2006-07 season.

There is not much information about Hanover Park. They are from the Cape Flats which tells us something about them. The Cape Flats (Afrikaans: Die Kaapse Vlakte) is an expansive, low-lying, flat area situated to the southeast of the central business district of Cape Town. To most people in Cape Town, the area is known simply as “The Flats”. Described by some as “apartheid’s dumping ground”, from the 1950’s the area became home to people the apartheid government designated as “non-White.” Race-based legislation such as the Group Areas Act and pass laws either forced “non-White” people out of more central urban areas designated for “White” people and into government-built townships in the Flats, or made living in the area illegal, forcing many people designated as “Black” into informal settlements elsewhere in the Flats. The Flats have since then been home to much of the population of Greater Cape Town.

Hanover Park is typical of the underdeveloped areas of the city-a high-density, low-income area developed as a direct result of apartheid planning in the early 1970s. It is about fifteen square kilometers in size with a predominantly working-class population of 37,000. The area is economically depressed, and lacks adequate housing, proper drainage systems and public transport. The environmental conditions are also poor, mainly due to the burning of coal, paraffin and wood. Overall the township required an urban-renewal strategy to allow it to prosper and become sustainable.

Rivals: None

FM08: Hanover Park are predicted to finish 15th in the National First Division. They are a semi-professional club with an obscure reputation, valued at R20k. They are a small club playing in a very small stadium. The average age of the squad is 23. The club has fairly basic training facilities and minimal youth facilities.  Their finances are okay and the chairman loves the club.

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