Ukrainian League structure

In Ukraine there’re 2 flights in the game. The second flight is the only one available for start of LLaMa game.
Persha Liha (First League)
Persha Liha is the second tier in Ukraine. There’re 18 teams and 34 games to be played. The top two teams earn promotion to Premier Liha (Premier League). The last two teams are relegated to third tier called Druha Liha. The reserve team of top flight club (for example Dinamo Kiev-2) cannot win promotion to the top flight. 2 winner of 2 Druha Liha groups earn place in the Persha Liha. Premier Liha is the top flight of football in Ukraine. Each year the bottom 2 teams are going down to the Persha Liha.

There also rules regarding foreign players, maximum 3 foreign players in first team and minimum 1 under-19 player in that team.

Source: Vass, Zinedine Zaiddin