Acronyms, Symbols & LLaMaspeak

] – The sacred symbol of LLM. Its creation is credited to bell, but some say it was around before the Egyptians built the pyramids and that it has been seen in ancient mayan carvings…

+1 – Indication of blatant post-boosting. As in, “I have nothing interesting to say, but agree with wts. +1″. Threads full of these tend to get closed as soon as a mod comes along, usually with a kick in the arse for all involved for good measure.

Single 😀 post – Another potbooting (or just lazy) post, usually indicating humour at a previous post or just being downright cheeky.

Basil? – Basil was the name of Manuel’s pet rat in Fawlty Towers. Sometimes, when we smell a rat (some plurk on a wind-up) we’d simply say “Basil?” Originally coined by iajafer. (src: iamthequinn)

:bigalp:/:ghey: – poofy emoticons used by poofy LLaMas.

Brody is a poof
– “Back in the long distant past, when LLM was in its infancy, a fresh faced Scottish bloke was nearing his 1000th post. Back then there were many wonderful posters who have long since vanished, only to reappear for fleeting moments and then disappear back to the depths of CMC.

One of those posters was a scrumpy-guzzling t­osspot called Brody, an inhabitant of Somerset and a Wurzel if there ever was one. The comment was made that the Scottish bloke, a chap calling himself iajafer, was about to make this kilo-post…the first ever toted up solely in LLM…and questions were asked what would appear in it to mark the occasion.

Brody was seen to post “He’ll probably call me a poof” as this was a common occurrence in the halcyon days. The day arrived, the post was made, and almost as a casual throwaway remark it was Post Scripted “Oh, and by the way…Brody. You’re a poof”.

And so, from that day until this, LLM tradition decrees that the multiple of 1000 posts will be celebrated with the somewhat corrupted but nonetheless well meant phrase…”Brody’s a poof” ” (src: iajafer)

btw – By The Way

DMing – Drunk Management-ing- The style of playing LLM while under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol.

DPing – Drunk Posting – Posting while under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol. Sometimes funny for other readers, but generally not advised. One either makes a fool of oneself, or a complete arse. The only difference is in severity.

:gil: is a variant on 😀 made popular by several regulars, who after chastising a new poster for his love of single “:D” posts, could no longer use it themselves and so adopted :gil: (src: wewak)

IIRC – If I Recall Correctly

KUTGW!! – Started off by a CMC regular and LLM original, the World famous BiB, as a stock reply for telling guys to keep up the good work, with regard to updates (and pretty much anything he couldn’t be bothered replying to). Normally preceded by TG!, That’s great, as in TG! KUTGW!! , it’s found its niche in the abbreviated form in LLM and beyond. (src: iajafer)

Liverpool(:mad:) came about during the very first LLM Challenge, the much-missed Leigh RMI Challenge, when, after many seasons of struggle to eventual success with Leigh RMI, Liverpool (:mad:) offered iajafer the job with the carrot of an £83m transfer budget dangled in front of his eyes. He accepted, in a moment of madness, and lasted less than half a season as it was boringly easy, thereby losing one of the best saves he’d had. (src: iajafer)

LLaMa – A person who plays according to the LLM ethos. Formed from the acronym LLM.

:luciano: Luciano doesn’t like people asking questions which ain’t none of their business. Understood?

NFI – No F**king Idea!

NFI? – Ironic response to the above originating from a LLaMa irc session.

Of xure – A corrupted version of “sure” and sometimes shortened simply to “xure”. (src: Jason the Yank)

Plurk – A plurk is an unmannerly person. It’s origin comes from two different Dutch words: A ploert (almost untranslatable; ~ cheat, crook, rogue, scoundrel) mixed with a schurk (villain, scoundrel). (src: Giziar)

Poof – LLaMa term for an Englishman. Also used as a general term for all other LLaMas and sometimes all other people indiscriminately.

potbooting/postbooting – BiB is credited as the original postbooster, but the term derived from a combination of typos (missing s characters in a post by a certain Greek guy called Kostis), pots and kettles, some people making fun of Kostis, calling him Kotis, and subsequently calling that postbooster potbooter from then on. It stuck. (src: Cosmo-Poof)

River Plate – A guy came into LLM once (only once for some reason) and asked if River Plate could be termed LLM. 9Lives gave what is possibly the greatest ever LLM replies. “River Plate are a moderately big club, and by moderately I mean enormously”. (src: iajafer)

The in-joke that is ‘it’s hard to win the Champions League with River Plate’ came from a reply to a poster asking ‘Which is the best LLM team to play with?’ Seasoned LLM Regular #1 replied with, ‘River Plate’, followed by Seasoned LLM Regular #2’s reply, ‘Damn hard to win the Champs League with them!’. Rest of the LLaMAs: +1 etc… (src: jraldous)

RTFH – Read The Forum Header. This is generally said when someone has posted something which indicates that they haven’t read the forum rules. When put strongly, the F can mean something else. It is illegal to take offence at this, because if the poster has indeed read the rules, then this response would indicate that they hadn’t been understood, so the RTFH would still be valid.

Second Post Rule – Many people, unwittingly or otherwise, fall foul of the LLM forum rules when posting for the first time. Coined by iajafer, the second post rule states that the next post from said poster will usually indicate whether they are a plurk or a decent person. Some people may take a few more posts to reveal their true colours, but this is the term used to describe this ‘unveiling’ of the poster’s true character and intentions.

SISI – A term coined by Wizzle_O_Sizzle to describe the interrogation some newbies get by some of the regulars. It stands for the SI Spanish Inquisition (as in Python’s ‘No one expects the Spanish Inquisition’ sketch) and is a particularly appropriate acronym for such a bunch of poofs.

The Spawn of Satan/Spawn – LLM term for all programs that are made to either edit the game database or to view/filter it in a way to give out more information than the game itself would. Mentioning it in the LLM forum is as much advised as painting a swastika on the wailing wall during the afternoon, or mentioning Liverpool(:mad:) to Scottish blokes. (src: Cosmo-poof)

But what’s that, you’ve found an error in the game that needs to be corrected? No! Once you start using the editor you won’t stop. It’s best if you just forget that it even exists, put up with the error, and let the official FM researchers know so they can correct it for the next update.

Llamas do not use unofficial updates because these can be biased and/or incorrect. They can also make your save-game less stable and more prone to crashing. This is especially undesirable for a LLM game, as they tend to be long term, which could increase the likelihood of an error occurring. (src: Craig0/jraldous)

SWYCT – Came about in a discussion on scouting, funnily enough, where iajafer replied along the lines of “I tend to Scout Where You Can Tour” and it was born. (src: Craig0)

SYB – Scout Your Borders. SYB was an addition to the SWYCT guideline where you can scout the borders of the country you are managing in. (src: Craig0)

Valid point alt. Valid – Used to signify acceptance of a point made by another poster. (src: Jason the Yank)

WAHGERTY!11 was a mis-typed “Wahey!!!” by Piojoso, another CMC bloke and sometime LLM regular, in a state of Quilmes (it tastes like p­ish) -induced drunkenness after a Buenos Aires night out. (src: iajafer)

WHS/WTS – What He Said/What They Said

Zealot – Strictest followers of the LLM doctrine.