Detail: Cheating!

“Cheating” in LLM basically involves anything used to circumvent more realistic means of playing the game, or anything which involves outside help – counter to the LLM ‘code’ of self-sufficiency and ‘doing it yourself’ – whether that be using the editor to change the database in any way, using a well known tactics guide to help you short-cut the steep learning curve of getting to grips with the game/game engine, or even using the player search screen to get around the admittedly, but realistically, hit and miss scouts.

The maxim “If you have to ask if you’re cheating then you very probably are” is a pertinent one here, and should be borne in mind whenever there is confusion over what is and isn’t considered cheating – the reasoning being that if you have sufficient doubt yourself over whether it is, then, to you – in your game – it may well feel like cheating regardless of whether others think it is or isn’t. In the end it’s your game, and if you’re playing the LLM way in the right spirit, for your own enjoyment, then only you can decide if something is going to spoil your sense of satisfaction should you achieve anything using what may be, in your own mind, ‘doubtful’ methods.

Here though, is a list of some of the things considered ‘cheating’ in LLM:

  • Using other people’s tactics or training schedules.
    The tactics and training schedules you use should be entirely your own work.  The point of LLM is in doing things yourself and getting tactical or training advice from tactical forums (or downloading same) is considered against the spirit of LLM.
  • Getting advice on which players to buy from anywhere outside the gameworld.
    Real managers use their scouts, who in turn use their network to discover players.  No real manager has access to a higher dimensional all-knowing ‘player forum’ or GodScout program where every detail of every player can be revealed and passed down to them.  As per getting tactical advice from forums or guides, getting tips on which players to buy is mutually exclusive with what LLM is about, so as far as LLM is concerned – cheating.
  • Use of editors or any utility designed to display more information than that which the game provides.
    If a real manager could create themselves a wonderkid with god-like tools or give themselves a mega-rich sugar daddy and millions of pounds, or use a crystal ball that revealed every attribute, personality quirk and even future potential of any player in the entire world, I’m sure they would.  But they can’t, so doing the same is also out-of-bounds to LLM players. Obviously.
  • Quitting the game without saving.
    A real manager cannot quit ‘the game’ (as in a real-life match), without saving, after losing and reload from a previous position, and therefore neither should we.
  • Using quirks of the AI, loopholes, bugs and/or strange things the game throws up to gain an unfair advantage.
    We play this way because we want to play the game realistically, without cheating – so you should be able to recognise when something doesn’t look/feel right (e.g. being offered an international job when your reputation doesn’t warrant it, offering players full-time contracts on part-time wages, or making use of some kind of ‘bug’ as an infallible way of winning games or getting goals…). As always, let your conscience be your guide.

That final point pretty much sums it up – Let your conscience be your guide.