Tinkerman, Taylor (Graham), Soldier, Pie

What is your Football Manager personality? The game will assign personality descriptions such as ‘media friendly’ or ‘popular’ but how well do they fit with your own self image? I’m a traditionalist. I like to keep my best 11 on the pitch as much as possible. I drop players for poor […]

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Money’s Too Tight To Mention

Wrexham, Plymouth, Darlington, Charlton, Bournemouth, Halifax, Portsmouth, Crystal Palace……….. I could continue. What do they all have in common? Administration. Let me start with Darlington. Now, I’m not going to spew forth a huge pile of numbers, but at some point this club had enough money to build the Reynolds […]

Deck the halls with looping volleys…..

Stuart McCall, Wembley 1989. FA Cup Final. The first of his two that day was a great dipper of a volley. I’m sure he shinned it though. Scholes at Bradford was as technically perfect as it gets (is there a ginger volley gene?). That one of Shearer’s against Everton which […]

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