Oh When The Cards Go Steeeeeeaming in…

An FM’10 career by Fids

Not too good a season, lucky to remain in the job when all said and done. Few good signings at the right point of the season kept me behind the desk, and the bloody sharp axe coming down post-season brought some much needed dollar in. Discipline was a major downfall too, a fair few reds during the season, as well as a nice seat in the stands for me on more than one occasion…

Foot in the Antipodes

An FM’08 career by deanashtonsfoot

Well I decided to go to South Africa, but also opened the Australian and English leagues with a view to maybe branching out there later.

Of all the places I went in SA, I felt most at home in Cape Town, so I decided to manage FC Cape Town, one of the 2 playable semi-professional sides in Cape Town.